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Table of Contents Introduction 1
Background 1
Problem 1
Approach to the problem 2 Literature Review 3 Methodology 4
Research Design 4
Data Collection Methods 5
Questionnaire Development and Pretesting 5
Sampling 6
Fieldwork 7 Research Results 7 Conclusions 13
SWOT analysis of Mr. Pizza 13 Strengths 13 Weaknesses 14 Opportunities 15 Threats 15
Brief comparison with Pizza Hut 16
Limitations of our research 16 Recommendation 16 References 18 Appendix 19


Mr. Pizza Korea Co., Ltd. is a Korean pizza franchise company. Headquartered in Banpo-Dong Seocho-Gu Seoul, Korea, it was established in 1990. It is a restaurant chain making Korean style pizza. After establishing a franchise in Ewha Women's University, Mr. Pizza opened a store in Beijing, China in 2000. The Mr. Pizza’s logo, a slanted, stylized 'Pizza & Hand', is symbolic of two people (the company and customer) shaking hands. And its official slogan is "Love for Women" as for 2008.
Its food is healthy and of good quality. Its service is full of creativity and elegance. And it is famous for its Golden Pizza series with relatively higher price. It keeps up with the trends of the food industry: healthy food with fashionable experience, and aimed at the white-collar female as their target market. Therefore, Mr. Pizza enjoyed a huge success in Korea with 370 branches, and was regarded as Korean’s favorite pizza brand.
Soon, it spread its market to the US, Vietnam, and opens its first store in Beijing, China in 2000. With a big proud, Mr. Pizza set up their goal that it would open as much as 300 branches in China until 2008. However, when we look at the figure we get from its official website, we are totally surprised that the number is only 20.
The information above reflects a big conflict between their goal and the very uncomfortable truth.…...

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