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Sprint, T- mobile and Cricket Wireless are three well named cell phone companies known around the world, and has recently made the top ten list in of the best cell phone providers of 2012. Today most people are looking or a cell phone provider that offers a wide range of cell phones, features with no hidden charges and fees and excellent customer service. Even though these three cell phone providers untimely aim at cell the same kind of service each one of them offers many different plans ranging in price and plan availability. Sprint offers a range of wireless and wire line communications. At the end of 2011 Sprint serves more than 55 million customers in the United States, offering industry-leading mobile data services, leading prepaid brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile and Assurance Wireless. After much research about Sprint it seems as though they offer some of the same benefits that some of the other top cell providers like version and AT&T. I noticed that Sprint didn’t offer any prepaid plans like most cell providers do. As a marketing manager interviewing for a position I would suggest that they also get in the game and offer customers a prepaid option as well. Also as a suggest I would consider that they be the first to maybe lowering the cost of their early termination fee by about $50 so instead of it costing a customer $200 to get out of a contract it will only cost $150 or even less. Things happen and if you no longer want to keep your current contract it should be made easy for you to get out of without costing so much. Customer like to compare cell phone providers to see who has a better plan, offer more options and sometimes it takes a few changes to get ahead of the…...

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