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Marketing Budget and Company

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Large businesses have big budgets for marketing and promotion and as a result, people gravitate towards buying their products.

What problems does this cause?
What could be done to encourage people to buy local products?

With the fact that increasing monetary funds are being invested in the marketing and promotion by big companies, customers tend to choose their products. This trend will cause several problems, and various measures can be taken by governments and companies to promote the sales of the local products.

The giant company’s market expansion which is stimulated by the marketing and promotion may cause a variety of problems. Firstly, it forces many enterprises to join the war of sales promotion. More and more companies would focus on the marketing rather than the product, which, is supposed to be the most important part of a company. If the quality of products decreases, people will decrease their interest in products to a great extent, then the huge amount of marketing strategies will be pointless and in the end, damage the whole industry. Secondly, the imbalance of the market will be caused. Big companies become bigger, and companies with limited budget will be eliminated from the market. Thus, startups which provide good quality products have no opportunities to approach the public. Moreover, large businesses from other nations also have a huge impact on the local companies since nowadays people are more likely to choose the brand with world-wide recognition. This lead to the question—what can we do to promote the sales of the local goods?

There are two ways to solve this problem. The best solution would be to increase the budget. Governments should expand their grant funding for the local companies because without the help from the government, it is difficult for the local enterprises to compete with the international companies. At…...

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