Market Research for the Product of S.B Beverages

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A project on
“The study on market research for the product of S.B. Beverages Pvt., Ltd, products.” (oxygem)

A Project Report Submitted in partial fulfillment
(Batch 2014-2016)

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Kishor Dahare

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Prof. L.C Jamb Dr. Parag Kalkar



I kishor Dahare here by declare that the project titled {“The study on Market research for the product of S.B. Beverages Pvt. ,Ltd,products.” (oxygem)}is an original work carried out under the guidance of Prof. L.C Jamb.The report submitted is a bonafide work of my own efforts and has not been submitted to any institute or published before.

Signature of the student
(Kishor Dahare)



It is with a sage sense of gratitude, I acknowledge the efforts of whole hosts of well-wishers who have in some way or other contributed in their own special ways to the success and completion of this summer internship project.

First of all, I express my sage sense of gratitude and indebtedness to the Director of “Sinhgad Institute of Management”, Dr. Parag Kalkar, from the bottom of my heart, for his unprecedented support and faith that I do the best and his valuable recommendation and for accepting this project.

Further I express my sage sense of gratitude to Prof. L.C Jamb who helped me at every stage and constantly supported me during my project. I also express my sage of gratitude to Mr. V. Yadagiri Reddy and Mr. AMRENDRA REDDY (Chairman) who were kind enough to give an opportunity to work under their immense expertise. I sincerely thank them for their valuable suggestions, motivation and…...

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