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A user lights the tip of the blunt with the fiery hot lighter. Within seconds of lighting the blunt, he opens his eyes and he is liberated and on cloud nine. Everyone else around him smells a pungent smell that most people describe as similar to a skunk. Thirty minutes to an hour later, the user has lost all sensations of relaxation and liberation. The topic of legalizing marijuana has been on a rise over the last couple of years, especially in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, they conducted a Canadian Community Health Survey – Mental Health (CCHS – MH) in 2012 that “12.2% of Canadians aged 15 or older (3.4 million) used marijuana in the past year” (Langlois and Rotermann). Over the years, smoking marijuana has become more and more of a ‘leisure activity’ amongst many young adolescents and teenagers. Whether or not society realizes, by participating, it has situated biased perceptions towards narcotics, strained their social relationships and triggered physiological effects on themselves. The majority of adolescents participate because of peer pressure. Regrettably, the innocent fifteen year old teen does not realize how detrimental smoking marijuana is after it is done once. Whereas, adults smoke marijuana because they are not able to escape their addiction therefore they partake in smoking marijuana to escape their reality. Prohibiting marijuana is a detrimental to their mental abilities, their health and the government.
The prolonged misconception that smoking marijuana carries little to none health effects has been proven wrong by many doctors, scientists and researchers. Many users and pro-marijuana movements are under the impression that marijuana is not an addictive drug. After committing to smoking marijuana for the first time, the addiction is let off its leash. Recent studies has proven that marijuana is in fact and addictive drug. An…...

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...Tobacco | 435,0001 | Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity | 365,0001 | Alcohol | 85,000 1 | Microbial Agents | 75,0001 | Toxic Agents | 55,0001 | Motor Vehicle Crashes | 26,3471 | Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs | 32,0002 | Suicide | 30,6223 | Incidents Involving Firearms | 29,0001 | Homicide | 20,3084 | Sexual Behaviors | 20,0001 | All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect | 17,0001, 5 | Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin | 7,6006 | Marijuana | 07 | Since the 1930’s there have been many debates about hemp and its legalization. There is a lot of propaganda behind marijuana, but if there is one fact that should be known about marijuana it’s that it is the most medicinal plant on our planet. With information provided by Rick Simpson from Phoenix Tears, it is obvious that Hemp is the best medicine ever presented to man. With the information provided by Rick Simpson it is evident that hemp should be legalized for medicinal purposes so people can cure themselves. Rick Simpson is the founder of the Phoenix Tears Foundation and has re-discovered a very effective healing treatment processed from the resin that grows on hemp and created that resin into hemp oil. His hemp oil has brought many terminal patients off of their death beds. Rick’s hemp oil has cured skin conditions, cancer, diabetes, infections, glaucoma, arthritis, chronic pain, burns, ulcers, warts, moles, practically anything to do with mutating cells, migraine headaches...

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...However, many Canadians believe that marijuana should be legalized because it can play a significant role in the medical industry. However, others hold the opposite attitude toward Marijuana legalization. This serious controversy has lasted for many decades. Canada’s neighbor, the U.S. government, has forbidden this drug since the early 1900s. However, this implementation didn’t produce a satisfactory result. (National Prevention Strategy, 2011) Marijuana should be legalized in Canada because its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. These advantages are likely to promote the Canadian economy, eliminate social issues and benefit the health of its residents. In terms of the economy, legalizing marijuana could conduct not only negative effects, but also positive effects. In the past decade, underground trade of marijuana has caused harm to Canada’s income. Werner Antweiler, the UBC professor, believes that the marijuana market is sizable. (2013) In B.C., the estimates show that Canadians consume at least 3 billion dollars in marijuana products annually. (Barmak, 2013) Other data from The International Journal of Drug Policy indicate that the retail value of marijuana consumption in B.C is between $443 million and $564 million. In addition, further estimates point out that marijuana legalization is likely to help the government generate $2.5 billion in taxes and license fees over five years. Therefore, these statistics show an enormous potential to boost the Canadian economy......

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