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Manufactured Homes, Inc.
This Winston-Salem company sells affordable Southern comfort: ful ly furnished and carpeted mobile homes for as little as $10,000. Robert Sauls, the 59- year-old founder and chairman, was an orphaned boy who never finished h i g h school. Through acquisitions, Sauls has built the retailer into the industry's largest, with annual sales ballooning to about $180 million in four years. Th e company sells the homes, built primarily by Fleetwood Enterprises and Redman
Industries, to rural blue-collar workers in the Southeast. "Our people buy in good times and bad," says Sauls. If he can raise the capital, he foresees a doubling of sales in four to five years. The stock recently sold at 6.5 times estimated 1988 earnings. Jane Edwards, Director of Research at a small Boston-based investment management firm specializing in growth stocks, noted the above review of Manufactured Homes in the February 15,
1988 issue of F o rtun e magazine's Companies To Watch column. She knew that attractive growth stocks are hard to find and wondered whether Manufactured Homes would be a good addition to her firm's growth stock portfolio. She checked the recent performance of Manufactured Homes' common stock and noted that the stock performed favorably relative to the stock market (see Exhibit 1).
Jane Edwards asked her assistant Peter Herman to gather additional information on the company and to write a report analyzing the company's recent financial statements.
Company Background and Marketing Focus
Herman's preliminary research on Manufactured Homes indicated that the company was founded in 1975 with two retail outlets for mobile homes. The company grew rapidly and by March
31, 1987, had a network of 120 retail outlets located in seven southeastern states. Eighty-five percent of the company's retail centers were located in North Carolina, South…...

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...Manufactured Homes Inc. start in 1975 to its rapid growth through the 80’s allowed it to be one of the largest retail of manufactured homes by 1987. With impressive revenue sale in 1988 of $210 million, at first glance this may seem like a sound investment but through analysis and valuation we have prepared a summary of the company’s strategy, risk factors, and industry conditions. Although, Manufactured Homes on paper seems like a great candidate for your firms portfolio, after reviewing our analysis you may have a change of heart. The manufactured home industry is fragmented, there is approximately 10,000 manufactured home retailers throughout the nation which are smaller “mom and pop” operations. This market is under a transition of consolidation, larger retailers like Manufactured Homes are acquiring the smaller firms lacking buying volume and inadequate capitalization. The larger companies like Manufactured homes were able to acquire companies because they could sell their products at a lower cost. As a whole the manufactured home industry is expected to grow on a year to year basis. This was caused by the continuous increases in average prices of conventional housing, causing low income families to seek alternatives. Families turned to manufactured homes which have much more to offer than an apartment with the advantage of equal to lower monthly payments. In addition the south eastern U.S was the country’s fastest growing market for mobile home which......

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