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5 | Persuade Cafe |
To: | Jacqueline Marcus, Chris O’ Connor, and Mark Parson | From: | Lakeshia Hampton | cc: | | Date: | November 28, 2015 | Re: | Profit Increasing and Cost-Saving Initiatives | | |
In light of what has been examined about the organization's profitability, the organization is not making the benefits we might want in having the coffee’s business, however Persuade Café brings an awesome good to the organization. It will likewise relieve a great deal of anxiety for our workers as a result of the amicable environment and fulfilled customers. The accompanying are a couple of thoughts and proposals that I came up with to increment new customers, retain customers and expand the company’s profit.
We could offer membership discount card for loyal customers, since each dollar checks in any business, the discount card is a motivator to acquire new customers and keep our present ones. Persuade Café customers constantly satisfied and can rely on us for their fresh cup of Joe in the morning or whatever point they require that kick. Having a monthly fee of about $30 will allow to have one cup of fresh coffee and 15 percent discount on anything else they buy at Persuade Café. This will increase the profit of the company significantly. This is going to help our company by having our name out there, more people will know of our T-shirts and online merchandise also. Also, we would be helping the community out by proving a great service because the café is a great place for people to come together for a chat, free Wi-Fi, business meeting or just for a friendly meet up over coffee.
To help with employee engagement we should have different committee within department to get everyone engaged and working as a team. For example, you can have Engagement team- their responsibility would be getting all engagement together within department. They…...

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