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Sample Manager Interview
Versatility and practicality are the words that best describes Mr. Sonny Santiago. He is a 63-year old businessman, a member of Rotary Club (Pque.), and an avid fan of tennis game. He owns and personally manages two businesses, along with his wife, Aroma Beach Resort and Aroma Apartelle. In which, one is a beach resort that is located in Cavite, and an apartelle in Tagaytay which is a perfect setting for people to relax, socialize and enjoy. Approximately, he handles 30 men, from the helpers to cashiers and to chefs and cooks.
1. Describe your management style.
“I always put to my heart that a good leader must set good examples to his men. I regularly talk to my employees, see what motivates them, and understand their different lifestyles and personalities. In that way, my people will not get intimidated, and they will learn to respect me as their leader.”

2. Which specific skills are necessary to succeed as manager?
“For me, versatility and practicality are the two most important skills a manager

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3. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a manager?
“I talk to my employees just like they are one of my pals, and I have a good sense of humor which may be the secret to my success. However, I get stressed too much easily especially at my age.

4. How do you handle performance evaluation?
“To carry out these kinds of stuff like performance evaluation, I ask them to give me regular oral reports on what are new and how do they do with their work.”

5. How do you motivate your employees? How do you deal with the conflicts in your workplace?
“Just respect and…...

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