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Objectives | I seek a challenging management position to contribute and to grow with a dynamic work environment. Through my business education and work history, I have developed good managerial, quantitative, and analytical skills, as well as the ability to effectively and efficiently reach company’s objectives. I believe I am punctual, dynamic, and flexible person able to travel worldwide to accomplish goals. | | Core Strengths | * Planning & Development | * Work well under pressure in meeting deadlines and achieving goals | * Team-Oriented Leader | * Great Leadership and negotiation skills | | * Escalating unresolved problems to other support staff | | Academic Qualifications | Bachelor DegreeGeneral Management | Jinan UniversityJinan Street Zaytoun Abi-Samra Tripoli – North Lebanon. | Fall 2015 | Master degree Human Resources Management | Jinan UniversityJinan Street Zaytoun Abi-Samra Tripoli – North Lebanon | Still studying | Research Projects | Graduation Project : The Impact of Social Media Network on Internet Marketing | Jan 2015 | | | | Professional Experiences & Certifications | PHARMA LEA Pharmacy * Management * Customer Relationship * Correct use of the selling skills | August2013to Feb 2014 | Internship in Hospital Dar Al Chifa The Training is about Archiving, and use sage 50 complete accounting program. | December 2012 to January2013 | | Linguistics & Hobbies | Languages | * Arabic * English * French | Good writing and readingGood writing and readingGood writing and reading | Leisure | * Ping Pong * Basket-Ball * Tourism | * Computer Games * Swimming * Movies * High-Tech | Social Activity | * Jinan High…...

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...the HR manager is to protect the company from liability in the workplace (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, n.d.).  This can range from lawsuits against the company for discrimination or unfair business or hiring practices, to high turnover rates from an uncooperative work environment. In this way, the HR manager's primary responsibility is to ensure that the company's employees operate in fair and equal business practices. By protecting the company from liability that could cost the company financially, the HR manager serves as a buffer between the employer and employee (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d.).  In other words, it is the HR manager's responsibility to let the company know when it is doing something wrong so that they can protect it from wrongdoing. While this may involve protecting the right of an employee, it is not the HR manager's primary duty. The HR manager informs employee of their rights as employees while also informing them of the benefits available to them; which is all done to protect the employer (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d.). One obvious way in which HR managers protect employers is by advising them on management style with regards to behavior, discrimination and harassment in the workplace (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, n.d.).  As it is the company's responsibility to provide its employees with the proper work environment and resources to conduct their duties, it is the HR......

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...|Human Resource Management | |Subject Code:BMHR5103 | |Name: Jesotha_Balachandran | |Matrix No: CGS00713601 | Introduction 2 Organization Background 4 Report 5 Benefits of Internal recruitment 5 PROMOTION BASED ON SENIORITY 8 PROMOTING BASED ON COMPETENCY 11 Conclusion 15 REFERENCE 17 APPENDIX 18 Interview Outcomes 18 Introduction Human resource management deals with employment issues according to the law and with the organizations directives that includes many fields like staff hiring, staff reentering, pay settlement, setup management performance, and change management. Another definition of human resource management can be stated as managing people in a collective relation between company management and employees. As such HRM fulfills all the management objectives of providing and managing them in the best way to monitor and control them fulfilling the need to have a human resource department in every organization. One of the most important aspects of human resource management is the concept of promotions and how to handle employee promotions. Promotions can be defined as the advancement of an employee from one job position to another job position that has a higher salary, higher position, and more job responsibilities. A promotion may also......

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...Human Resource Management Subject Code : B102 Section A Part One 1.d. Egocentricism 2. a Job Analysis 3. b. Minimum Wages Act ,1948 4. b. Placement] 5.b. Development 6.a. Planned Change 7.d. Performance Management System 8. c. Rating Scale 9.a. Human Recourses 10.b. Management Game Part Two 1. Every employee has an aspiration to grow at his work place. Organistaions paying attention and if the employee grows he feels happy and motivated. If the organization does not pay attention due to any reasons the employee becomes frustrated due to no growth and key executives leave in frustration. Organisation lose as new hiring needs to be done with additional selection and training. Organizations therefore try to put their career plans in place and educate employees about opportunities that exist internally. 2. Features of HRM Pervasive force: Action Oriented: focuses attention on action rather than on record keeping. Individually Oriented: It tries to help employees to develop their potential full. People Oriented: It tries to put people on assigned jobs in order to produce good results. Future Oriented: Effective HRM helps an Organization meet its goals in future by providing for competent and well motivated employees. 3. Performance Appraisal is a method of evaluating the behavior of employees in the work spot, normally including both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of job performance. It is a systematic......

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...In: Business and Management 3 Rai Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information – 3RAI Activity 1 Two Reasons Why Organisations Need To Collect HR Data 1) Organisations need to collect HR data to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements such as equal opportunities monitoring, equal pay audits, recruitment planning, assessing skills balance, minimum wage, working time directive and health and safety. 2) Organisations also keep information records on training and performance for employees, this enables the management team to assess each individual employee for productivity and possibly identify training needs. By doing this the management team can assess the productivity within the business. Two Types Of Data Collected and How Each Supports HR Practices 1) Statutory Records – Such as tax, national insurance contributions, sickness and SSP, hours worked and accident book. These types of records ensure that the HR department is compliant to all of the regulatory requirements. 2) Organisational Records – to include all Recruitment documentation, absenteeism records, staff turnover and learning and development. These records are essential to all HR departments as it allows them to monitor staffing levels and recruit when necessary. Staff sickness is monitored very closely to help with productivity and ensure there are no underlying management issues. Having these monitoring processes in place will in turn help staff to maintain a high...

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...Human Resources Management Report Ngai Ting Chan 300762020 Centennial College HRMT 301-102 Professor: Imran Fancy February 11th, 2015 Table of Contents I. Organizational Research and Recommendations RBC Royal Bank 3 a. Mission Statement 3 b. Core Values 3 c. Commitment to Employees 3 d. Strategies to new graduates 4 e. HR Issue 4 f. Solution 5 II. HR Position and Job Analysis a. Financial Control Assistant Manager at RBC Royal Bank 5 b. Sample Job Description 6 c. Sample Job Specification 7 III. Human Resources and Technology a. Employees and HR Technology 8 b. Effective HR Software 8 c. Risks and Concerns 9 I. Organizational Research and Recommendations I am truly interested in working for RBC Royal Bank because employee in the bank provided good services and explained methodically when I firstly set up bank account in Ontario. It also pledged 100 million to help a lot kids and youth that address their needs (Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, 2015). It gives me really positive image that I really want to work in this company. a. Mission Statement Based on market capitalization, RBC Royal Bank is one of Canada's largest banks and one of the largest banks in the world. Always earning the right to be our clients' first choice is RBC Royal Bank’s vision that it committed to provide best services in its five business segments, personal and commercial banking, wealth management......

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...Human Resource Management through the Eyes of Ramona Bass BY FRANCES CONLEY As a business mom of two, HR Manager of Luvata in Grenada, Mississippi, Ramona Bass has dual responsibilities in her hands each day. While working as an HR Manager in a coil manufacturing facility that employs eight hundred people Bass must strive daily to the keep the interest between the employees and the company positive. This task can be challenging. “We must make changes in management and make change look easy” she says. Here she voices her opinions on responsibilities and duties. A. What are the duties and responsibilities of the HR manager?  In other words, what do you do? * Maintain the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions. * Maintain organization staff by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes. * Ensures employees are ready for assignments by making sure that orientation and training programs are completed. * Ensures planning, monitoring, and appraisal of employee work results by training managers to coach and discipline employees; scheduling management conferences with employees; hearing and resolving employee grievances; counseling employees and supervisors. * Assists with conducting educational programs on benefit programs. * Ensures legal compliance by monitoring and......

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...HR should be aligned with the Organizations Goals to increase employee engagement and the company's bottom line. Companies are more successful when HR is aligned and the results are reflected in better profitability. HR strategic planning defines how the organizations goals will be achieved through people by integrate HR policies and practices, which should be tailored to fit the needs of the organization. Having the right people in the right place at the right time to meet or exceed standards of the job. Maersk's was experiencing a rise in Employee turnover, had become a publicly traded company and competition was on the increase. HR had to analyze the situation, form a strategy and implement it. Maersk was expanding globally and trends in the broader market became increasingly mobile. The work force changed, talent, needs and practices also changed. Finding and retaining high-quality talent was becoming a bigger challenge. One advantage of hiring internally is that promoted employees are already familiar with the policies and culture. Hiring internally may also improve employee morale and loyalty. Disadvantages of hiring internally are potential narrowing of thinking, stale ideas (inbreeding), smaller talent pool (fewer applicants) and internal politics will occur (possible discontent of rejected applicants, new subordinates may not respect new boss). One advantage of hiring externally is that new candidates can provide new ideas or fresh perspectives. Another......

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...Human Resource function is designed to be in an organization, and its main concern is on the people’s management within the organization. There are various reasons why Human Resource management need to be associated with strategic planning. First, it helps in organizational development. Strategic planning often encounters some changes in their processes and also in their system according to their places of work. Even though many individuals are aware of the issues happening in their departments, HR folks have the knowledge of the changes being experienced in the whole wide company (Storey, 2014). Nevertheless, they will be in a position to communicate with the HR issues with a special perception of how changes may affect the processes and systems which are already in place. Secondly, HRF helps in training and development which will be needed at some point in the strategic growth. HRF provides any input that will be required by the organization to achieve its goals. Also, HRF also helps in selection and staffing. When goals are set in an organization it’s the people, who work towards achieving this goal. When the right people are in the right places, it’s very important and when there is any need to hire new personnel getting the right people are recommended, and the human resource management helps in doing this. Human resource management within the organization may be affected by global conditions. These may include the labor market. Labor market is the......

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...Introduction The primary responsibility of Human Resource [HR] management is to manage the workforce of an organization with an emphasis on minimizing financial risk while maximizing profit for the business. One aspect of minimizing risk is ensuring that the workforce is performing their jobs efficiently and effectively. So, the question is how do we gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce? The answer is, through the implementation of a competent performance appraisal system. In light of the results of the recent employee survey conducted, there are both real and perceived issues that exist between HR and the management team. The lack of cohesion within the organization has resulted in low employee morale which affects performance and ultimately, profitability. The purpose of this presentation is to explain the merits of a good performance appraisal system, for both individuals and teams of the organization and to show how it will help to resolve the problems uncovered by the survey. Moreover, my intention is to describe the process for assessing team performance and the differentiating factors for executing an appraisal for an individual versus a team in an organization. Lastly, the board of directors asked for a report with regard to succession planning in the last board meeting. I want to describe the benefits of succession planning and propose a solution for the implementation of succession planning in our organization. Performance......

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