Management Behavior on Interclean-Envirotech Merger

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Management Behavior on InterClean-EnviroTech Merger

The current essay has the intention to briefly analyze the merger situation between the two companies InterClean and EnviroTech, after the acquisition of the latter from the former organization. As a part of InterClean’s new strategy newly proposed solutions/service model, sales reps from both companies will be set into multi-functional teams taking advantage of all the expertise gathered mutually from these organizations in the Cleaning and Sanitation Industry.
A merger or fusion between organizations is always a sensitive subject to deal with, since the human capital from the companies involved will experience a cultural, structural and managerial change that needs to be handled delicately during the transition, in order to impact the least on areas like employees social identity, behavior and attitudes toward organizational commitments, turnover intention of key players among the company, to name a few.
Lipponen, J., Olkkonen, M., & Moilanen, M. (2004) explain the approach of social identity theories, by stating that they “share the same fundamental assumption that individuals define themselves in terms of their social group memberships and that group-defined self-perception produces distinctive effects on social behaviour and intergroup relations. This means that the more an individual conceives of him- or herself in terms of membership in a group or, in other words, identifies with the group, the more his or her attitudes and behaviour are governed by this group membership”. The authors on their study also explain that concepts like procedural justice (‘perceived fairness of the formal procedures used in allocation decision-making’) distributed justice (‘perceived fairness of the allocation outcomes’) and interactional justice (‘perceived fairness of the interpersonal treatment received from the decision-…...

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