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MakerBot Executive Summary * How could MakerBot lead growth of the new personal manufacturing industry?

1) Makerbot uses open source technology which shares not only the software and but the hardware in 3D printer. It help MarketBot to get more and more new ideas and new way to improve their products. 2) MakerBot also sold printing consumables form a wide range plastics distributors. This will help MakerBot reduce cost of purchase and can provide customers a great diversity of choose. Specifically, the ABS plastic is safety and in an array of colors.
This above is the MakerBot’s business model which is change the game rule of traditional manufactory process. 3) The maker community is the engine of MakerBot’s innovation. There are Magazines, group creativity and the Makey Awards help MakerBot to met create, explore and share innovations using new technologies. 4) MakerBot get support from Big company and government. GE, Ford, Kauffman Foundation build some community to help customers learn about the latest manufacturing techniques and the White House give strong signal to support the 3D industry.

* Long term, how potent was Makerbot’s open innovation strategy focused on crowdsourcing, in the face of rising competition?

1) Makerbot’s open innovation strategy has the following advantages: 2) Efficiency. There are thousands of way to solve the problem or design a product. In this way, open innovation is over the company to solve problem by themselves. 3) Low cost. 3D print value chain include R&D and testing, designers, builders, printer devices, distribution channels, tech community. Open strategy can reduce the cost in every part of 3D print industry. 4) Satisfaction. Open innovation strategy not help every customer get a captive of system but rather an innovator with potential to share the newly forming personal…...

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