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Major Assignment 1: The Contextual Observation and Analysis

Jacqueline D. James
EDD 7711 CRN 31045
Contextual Issues Affecting Adult and Continuing Education

Nova Southeastern University
February5, 2012
This assignment focused this writer’s attention toward the practice areas adult basic education and literacy programs at a local state college. It extends beyond five campuses and includes three educational centers. Its flexible course scheduling allows adult learners to attend multiple campuses or center at the same time. Each campus possesses the capability of preparing adult learners for an associate degree. However, core courses for many of its degree or certification programs are restricted to specific campuses.
The writer identified the practice area of adult basic education and literacy programs within her department. She gathered relevant data that reflects the college’s contextual setting by providing a (1) description of the educational services; (2) its history, mission, vision, and values; (3) demographic and data; (4) the annual budget or funding; (5) methods or models of program planning and delivery; (6) recruitment and marketing strategies and processes; (7) effectiveness evaluation techniques; (8) and recommendations for improvement in educational services.

This writer identified several practice areas of adult basic education and literacy programs within the community and neighboring geographical areas. The campus and community site programs are affiliated with a local state college and strategically located throughout the metropolitan area. The design of this type of educational system embraces lifelong learners, in the rapidly changing world of globalization.…...

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