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Windows or Macintosh? You choose
Michael Novak
University of Maryland University College
March 3, 2016

When it comes to computers, there are so many different options to the way someone can evaluate one. Whether it be how much does a computer costs, what makes it cost that much or why are they priced the way they are? Security too, is a big asset that should be overlooked; especially because confidential information can be obtained very easily without anyone even knowing. Or maybe the hardware that is inside a computer. Many people are not tech savvy, so they don’t know any better. Comparing an Apple Macintosh that runs OS X and a Microsoft PC that runs Windows are usually what is accomplished at an electronic store, for example, Best Buy. All these thoughts have to be questioned and answered before a valid decision should be made about which computer is the superior one.

Windows or Macintosh OS X? You choose Living in this age where technology makes the world go round; things can get confusing when you can’t keep up to date with all the changes. The present is moving at a faster pace than ever before with all the gadgets we have now. When you’re looking to buy a computer, because let’s be honest, the majority of the people in this world have one; do you know what you’re looking for? Do you go for the expensive, flashy Macintosh with OS X operating system? Or the cheaper, yet user friendly Windows PC? Certain questions like these might not cross your mind, although knowing exactly which is more suitable for you could be beneficial. Both being initially released in the 80s, OS X and Windows have had drastic technological advances in the last twenty years climbing to the top of the market when it comes to the computers and their operating systems. While both of these systems are well known and readily available all over the globe, each of these…...

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...Mac vs PC “A Mac is as good as it looks,” and “More fun. Less Baggage.” Are two very simply put sentences but also say volumes about the products they represent at the same time. These days advertisements are quick and to the point to keep up with our fast moving and low attention-spanned society. In usually around ten to thirty words an advertiser will try to catch it’s readers attention and get their point across while at the same time reaching the intended demographic their product is intended for. These two products, and MacBook and a Dell Inspiron Mini 9, are similar in that they are both laptops, but vastly different in the way they are portrayed. The purpose of both these ads are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Mac has a reputation for making the best computers around. Many people know that Macs are significantly more pricy then their Dell counterpoints, therefor they don’t list the price of the product. They just tell you why it’s better computer. “Strong, beautiful materials, comes with the latest technology, powerful processors, advanced graphics, fast memory,” and so on. On the other hand, the purpose of the Dell ad is to show customers that their computers are greatly cheaper, but they are still fast, work well, and have comparable components. The purpose of their ad is to show you the outstandingly low price and a list of the specifications to let you know even though it’s cheap, it’s still good. Flowers 2 Audience and demographics are huge parts of......

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