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Internet Connection Study
Prepared for:
Northeastern Health Services, Inc.
Prepared by Joe Smith, Health Care Technology Consultant Annotated Bibliography:

Haggard, J. (2014). America’s Embrace of the Mobile Internet : Analyses and Issues. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

In this collection of articles, the editor brings together papers covering three different topics - adoption of mobile internet and how it differs between demographic groups; how culture is able to impact design and usage of mobile devices; and how text and multimedia messaging present new challenges for policymakers. With regard to this proposal, the first article discusses how mobile internet usage in rural areas has lagged behind the rest of the population. The article also points out that while there have been improvements in coverage, the build-out of mobile networks has typically been less extensive than in urban areas.

Solution: Mobile/Wireless Internet

Its Use: Mobile Internet service could potentially be used in conjunction with site-to-site VPN connections, in order to establish connectivity from the remote locations to the hospital.

Application: Mobile Internet hotspot devices could be used to get Internet access in Northeastern Health Services’ remote offices. In conjuction with these hotspots, firewall appliances can be used to establish a site-to-site VPN connection from each of the offices to the hospital’s radiology department. However, because of the lower levels of network build-out in rural areas, there is an increased likelihood of poor network coverage in some or all of these rural locations.

DeBeer, M., & Williams, J. D. (2004). Unwiring With Wi-Fi and Cellular Technologies. Behavioral Health Management, 24(1), 18-22.

The authors of this article explain the differences between wi-fi and cellular Internet access, and they also discuss the security…...

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