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Tareef Sabree
The Ways I Lie

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” This is the basis for pretty much all lies. If someone doesn’t know what you tell them is a lie, then it won’t hurt them. Everybody has told a lie at least once. Especially as a kids, when I was about to get in trouble my first instinct was to lie. Even adults do it when they are late for work. They tell their boss that they were stuck in traffic when they really overslept. It is true that everyone tells a lie at some point in time, but there is a fine line between being someone who tells a lie once in a while and being a liar. There are many types of lies. I tell white lies most often. Those types of lies just roll off the tongue so easily. A white lie assumes that the truth will cause more damage than a simple lie. So when my teacher asks me if I would like to help her carry her bags to her car I quickly say yes. When I know that I am tired and she just gave me a bad grade and I do not feel like helping her. If she knew how I really felt it would hurt her so I just smile and say yes. Another example is when your friend decides to try a new barber out and they ask you if their haircut is messed up or not. I hate to be the one to tell them that their cut is jacked up. So I tell a white lie and tell them that it looks good. Since I told the lie my friend feels much better about his cut and he doesn’t think about it anymore. As opposed to telling the truth and have him upset because he went to the barber. I am also guilty of telling the lie of omission. When my teachers ask me where I am going and I say the bathroom. I never mention the fact that I am also going to stop by the gym and a few other classes on the way to the bathroom. When you tell the lie of omission you leave out a few key details. Such as when the principle asks why did you get into a fight and you tell…...

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...for Business Leaders. New York, NY: Penguin Group. Boone, L.E., & Kurtz, D.L. (2011). Contemporary Business, 13th edition, Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Ethical Dilemmas in Governmental Accounting. (cover story), (2009) Governmental GAAP Update Service, 9(20), 1-5. Retrieved from EBScohost. Hellriegel, D., & Slocum, J.W. (2011) Organizational Behavior, 13th edition, Mason OH: Cengage Learning. Heugens, P.R., & Scherer, A. (2010). When organizational Theory Met Business Ethics: Toward Further Symbioses. Business Ethics Quarterly, 20(4), 643-672. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Huntington Ingalls Shipbuilding Employee Handbook, 2010. Yusoff, Z., Salleh, W., Zakaria, Z., Nair, G., Vadeveloo, T., & Luqman, A. (2011). The Influence of Personal and Organizational Factors on Ethical Decision Making Intentions among Managers. International Journal of Business & Management, 6(9), 261-270. Doi: 10.5539/ijbm.v6n9p261...

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...their place in broader and social world. This quest takes adolescents along several routes. Consequently, “half of all teens have been in a dating relationship and nearly one third of all teens have been in a serious relationship” (Teenage Research Unlimited, as cited in Luqman, 2009). According to Furman (2002), romantic relationships become more and more significant to adolescents in their social world as they also develop from puberty towards late adolescence. This shows how prevalent is romantic relationship among adolescents. Luqman (2009) said that an adolescent relationship plays an important role to adolescents as it develops the ability for committed relationships. Additionally, Pelt (2004) stated that those relationships help develop personality. She also added that it is a way of knowing one’s unique qualities of opposite sex and at the same time choosing the right life partner. Moreover, researchers theorized that romantic relationship is essential to the development of adolescents in different aspects such as “transformation of family relationships, close relationships with peers, sexuality, and career planning” (Furman, 2002). An article of Barber & Eccles (as cited in Luqman, 2009) talked about the importance of romantic relationships to adolescent development and its “long lasting” effects on self-confidence. It affirmed that romantic relationship teaches moral values on romance, “intimate relationships and sexuality”. In addition to......

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