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The Lumen and Absorb Teams at Crutchfield Chemical Engineering

Section 6

AE 1
Mayukh Bhattacharya- 15S526
Ridhima Modi- 15S635
Srinath Srinivasan- 15S647
Tejas B- 15S649
Parinita Vijay Kumar- 15805

Paul Burke, the director of the Polymers division of CTD was facing a major problem as after severe downsizing the productivity had fallen. Even after the downsizing, the retention was good and balanced. The most perplexing aspect was that there were huge differences in the performance and motivation of the team Absorb and team Lumen. The work at CTD had to be very creative and hence the employees motivation was very important.
After analyzing the case, we realize that the main problem with Absorb was that it was not intrinsically motivated. The solution that we came up with is there should be goal setting in Absorb and Chip needs to increase his communication with the team members to motivate them.

Crutchfield Chemical Engineering, a U.S. subsidiary of PPQ Worldwide Industries, $29 billion multinational company, headquartered at Geneva. Paul Burke was the Director at Polymers Deparment in the elite Corporate Technology Division (CTD) at its Elizabeth, New Jersey Headquarters for the past 6 years.
Mission of CTD: explore new technologies and product categories that would then determine the future of the company. Owing to this work profile, CTD required a set of highly motivated and creative workers and an atmosphere that encourages innovations and team workers.
Burke lead 5 teams in CTD, two of which were Lumen and Absorb. The Lumen team project was to develop multilayer sheets of crystals for electronic monitoring equipment to be used in extremely low illumination conditions. Their most important customer was Cyrenea, who hoped to use the crystal sheets in a new line of monitors for military and…...

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