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License Practical Nursing
Introduction (paragraph 1)--License Practical Nursing is a career field that I always had an interest in, but I just never put a title to the interest. I have been working in this career path for 8 years now as a personal care aide for a home care agency. I have had the pleasure of being on the physical, side working directly with the patient, and administrative side, maintaining the office and clerical information.
Paragraph 2-- When I first started into this career path I had all kinds of emotional, squeamish, and frightening obstacles that I had to overcome. In this career path, to be awesome at what you do, there is no room for being squeamish or frighten by the things that come along with it. You must always put the best on the outside. You are there to take care of the sick and that means that the sick isn't always a tolerable sight. The skills of an LPN goes far beyond education. A nurse must be compassionate, observant, firm but fair, and most of all willing to the support for the patient. These skill are innate, they cannot be taught but developed from within. While LPNs should possess a compassionate nature, they sometimes need to be thick-skinned when it comes to occasional unkind treatment from others. ("Licensed Practical Nurses."Ferguson's Career Guidance Center) A care provider whitout a heart is a poor care provider. As an LPN you are responsible for makings sure that the patient receives the proper care that is laid out by the Physician.
Paragraph 3-- To become an LPN, you must first complete an approved practical nursing program. Many nursing students are opting for a four-year degree because of the accompanying increase in job status and opportunities. LPN programs are generally offered through two-year colleges and vocational and technical schools. Some programs are offered in high schools. Then upon completion…...

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