Local Pollution Problem

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A local pollution problem
This report will look into the air pollution in Melbourne due to car emissions and the way to develop a system of controls to best deal with this problem.
Definition of the problem how it effects the environment
Air pollution is a problem that no major city in the world has avoided. Air pollution from industry, from the large numbers of homes clustered together in and around the cities and the widespread use of motor vehicles means that the quality of the air in cities suffers.
The findings of the EPA1 show that motor vehicles are the major source of urban air pollution. In Melbourne in 2006, motor vehicle emissions contributed the following levels of pollutants to the overall air quality: * 72 per cent of all carbon monoxide (CO) emissions * 70 per cent of all nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions * 28 per cent of all volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions * 31 per cent of all emissions of particles smaller than 2.5 microns(PM2.5) * 27 per cent of all emissions of particles smaller than 10 microns(PM10) * 6 per cent of all sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions
Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can combine to form ozone (summer smog). Particle emissions can build up in the air to form autumn/winter smog in the cooler months. Both diesel and petrol vehicles emit particles into the air.

The economic consequences
The economic consequences of motor vehicle emissions in Melbourne are; * Health issues – In economic terms, noxious vehicle emissions are externalities which lead to significant health impacts on people. * Congestion – The large number of vehicles in the CBD causes delays to transportation and the workforce with a flow on effect to the economy in lost productivity. * Lost productivity – The health and congestion issues directly impact our economy. * Population…...

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