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| |Formal / Neutral |Informal |
|Name |Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs Dupuis |Hi/Hello Mary |
| |Dear Mary |Mary,... (or no name at all) |
|Previous contact |Thank you for your email of ... |Thanks for your email. |
| |Further to your last email, ... |Re your email, ... |
| |I apologize for not getting in contact with you before |Sorry I haven’t written for ages, but I’ve been really |
| |now. |busy. |
|Reason for writing |I am writing in connection with ... |Just a short note about ... |
| |I am writing with regard to ... |I’m writing about ... |
| |In reply to your email, here are ... |Here’s the ... you wanted. |
| |Your name was given to me by ... |I got your name from ... |
| |We would like to point out that ... |Please note that ... |
|Giving information |I’m writing to let you know that ... |Just a note to say ... |
| |We are able to confirm that ... |We can confirm that ... |
| |I am delighted to tell you that ... |Good news! |
| |We regret to inform you that ... |Unfortunately, ... |
|Attachments |Please find attached my report. |I’ve attached ... |
| |I’m sending you ... as a pdf file. |Here is the ... you wanted. |
|Asking for information |Could you give me some information about ... |Can you tell me a little more about ... |
| |I would like to know ... |I’d like to know ... |
| |I’m interested in receiving/finding out ... |Please send me ... |
|Requests |I’d be grateful if you could ... |Please could you ... |
| |I wonder if you could ... |Could you ...? |
| |Do you think I could have ... ? |Can I have ...? |
| |Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. |I’d appreciate your help on this. |
|Promising action |I will ... |I’ll ... |
| |I’ll investigate the matter. |I’ll look into it. |
| |I will contact you again shortly. |I’ll get back to you soon. |
|Offering help |Would you like me to ...? |Do you want me to ...? |
| |If you wish, I would be happy to ... |Shall I ...? |
| |Let me know whether you would like me to ... |Let me know if you’d like me to ... |
|Final comments |Thank you for your help. |Thanks again for ... |
| |Do not hesitate to contact us again if you require any |Let me know if you need anything else. |
| |further information. |Just give me a call if you have any questions. My number |
| |Please feel free to contact me if you have any |is ... |
| |questions. My direct line is ... | |
|Close |I’m looking forward to ... (+ ing) |Looking forward to ... (+ ing) |
| |Give my regards to ... |Best wishes to .. |
| |Best wishes |Speak to/see you soon. |
| |Regards |Bye (for now)/All the best |

Negotiating a project

|Asking for information |What are your usual charges (fees/rates) for ...? |
| |Can you give me some more information about ...? |
|Requests |Do you think you could ...? |
| |Would you be able to ...? |
|Emphasizing a main point |My main concern at this stage is ... |
| |The main thing for me is ... |
|Asking for a suggestion |How do you think we should deal with this? |
| |What do you think is the best way forward? |
|Making a suggestion |Why don’t you ...? |
| |What about if we ...? |
|Negotiating: being firm |I understand what you’re saying about ... (but ... ) |
| |I can see what you’re saying, but ... |
|Negotiating: being flexible |We would be prepared to ... (if ...) |
| |I am willing to ... (if ...) |
|Negotiating: agreeing |Okay, I’m happy with that for now. |
| |That’s fine. |
|Next steps |I’ll be in touch again soon with more details. |
| |Let’s talk next week and see how things are going. |
|Closing |I look forward to working with you. |
| |I’m sorry that we couldn’t use your services this time, but I hope there will be another |
| |opportunity. |

Checking understanding

|Technical problems |Did you get my last message sent on ...? |
| |Sorry, you forgot to attach the file. Can you send it again? |
| |I got your email, but I can’t open the attachment. |
| |Did you mean to send this? I don’t want to open it in case it’s got a virus. |
|Asking for clarification |I’m not sure what you meant by ...? could you clarify? |
| |Which ... do you mean? |
| |I don’t understand this point. Can you explain in a little more detail? |
| |Are you sure about that? |
|Giving clarification |Sorry, what I meant was ..., not ... |
| |I thought ..., but I may be wrong. |
| |I’ll check and get back to you. |
| |The correct information is given below. Please amend your records accordingly. |
| |Sorry, forget my last email. You’re right. |
|Close |I hope this clarifies the situation. |
| |Get back to me if there’s anything else. |


| |Formal / Neutral |Informal |
|Reason for writing |I’m writing to arrange a time for our meeting. |Just a quick note to arrange a time to meet. |
| |What time would be convenient for you? |When would suit you? |
|Suggesting time/place |Could we meet on (day) in the (morning) at (time)? |How about (day) at (time)? |
| | |Are you free sometime next week? |
|Saying when you are/ are |I would be able to attend the meeting on Thursday morning. |I’m free Thursday am. |
|not free |I’m out of the office until 2pm. |I won’t be around until after lunch. |
| |Any time after that would be fine. |Any time after hat is okay. |
| |I’m afraid I can’t manage next Monday. |Sorry, can’t make it next Monday. |
|Confirming |I’d like to confirm ... |Thursday is good for me. |
| |That’s fine. I will call/email you tomorrow to confirm the |That should be okay. I’ll get back to you if there’s a |
| |details. |problem. |
|Changing arrangements |This is to let you know that I will not be able to attend the |Re our meeting next week, I’m afraid I can’t make |
| |next meeting next Thursday. |Thursday. |
| |I wonder if we could move it to ...? |How about ... instead? |
| |I apologize for any inconvenience caused. |Sorry for the inconvenience. |
|Close |I look forward to meeting you in Brussels. |See you in Brussels. |
| |Let me know if you need to change the arrangements. |Give me a call if anything changes. |

| |Formal / Neutral |Informal |
|Inviting |We would be very pleased if you could come to ... |I’m writing to invite you to ... |
| |I would like to invite you to ... / attend our ... |Would you like to come to ...? |
| |Please let me know if you will be able to attend. |Please let me know if you can make it. |
|Prepare |Before the meeting it would be useful if you could prepare ... |Please prepare ... before the meeting. |
| |It would be helpful if you could bring ... |Please bring to the meeting ... |
|Accepting |Thank you for your kind invitation. |Thanks a lot for the invitation. |
| |The date you suggest is fine. |The date’s fine for me. |
| |I would be delighted to attend the meeting. I am sure it will be very |I’d love to come to the meeting. It sounds like a great |
| |useful. |idea. |
|Refusing |Thank you for your kind invitation. |Thanks a lot for your kind invitation. Unfortunately, I have|
| |Unfortunately, I have another appointment on that day. Please accept my|something else in my schedule on that day. |
| |apologies. |I hope we can meet up soon. Good luck with the meeting! |
| |I hope we will have the opportunity to meet on another occasion in the | |
| |near future. I am sure that the meeting will be a great success. | |

Writing Styles

| |Formal / Neutral |Informal |
|Example phrases |Thank you for your email received 12 Feb. |Thanks for the email. |
| |With regard/reference to ... |Re ... |
| |I would be grateful if you could ... |Please could you ... |
| |We regret to advise you that ... |I’m sorry to tell you that ... |
| |Please accept our apologies for ... |I’m sorry for ... |
| |I was wondering if you could ... |Could you ...? |
| |We note that you have not ... |You haven’t ... |
| |We would like to remind you that ... |Don’t forget that ... |
| |It is necessary for me to ... |I need to ... |
| |It is possible that I will ... |I might ... |
| |Would you like me to ...? |Shall I ...? |
| |However, .../In addition, ... / Therefore, ... |But, ... / Also, ... / So, ... |
| |If you require any further information, please do not |If you’d like more details, let me know. |
| |hesitate to contact me. |See you next week. |
| |I look forward to meeting you next week | |
|Latin / Anglo-Saxon origin |Assistance / due to / enquire / inform / information / |Help / because of / ask / tell / facts / get / job / have |
| |obtain / occupation / possess / provide / repair / |/ give / fix / ask for / needs / check (prove) |
| |request / requirements / verify | |

Direct / Indirect

| |Direct |Indirect: polite / diplomatic |
|Requests |Can you ...? |Could you ...? |
| |Please could you ... |I was wondering if you could ... |
|Asking for permission |Can I ...? |Is it all right if ...? |
| |Could I ...? |I wonder if I could ...? |
|Offering help |Can I ...? |Would you like me to ..? |
| |Shall I ...? |Do you need any help with ...? |
|Making a suggestion |What about ... (+ing)? |Why don’t we ...? |
| |Shall we ...? |Perhaps we should ...? |
|Softening a strong comment |There is a problem. |I’m afraid there is a small problem. |
| |That will be very expensive. |It seems there is a slight problem. |
| |We can’t do that . |That might be quite expensive. |
| |That gives us very little time. |Won’t that be a bit expensive? |
| |It will be better to ask Heidi. |I’m not sure we can do that. |
| |I disagree. |Actually, that doesn’t give us much time. Wouldn’t it be better to |
| | |ask Heidi? |
| | |I can see what you’re saying, but ... |
| | |Don’t you think that ...? |
| | |To be honest, I think it might be better to ... |


Request for information (customer)

|Saying how you got the contact |We met last Thursday on your stand at the Munich Trade Fair. |
| |I am emailing you off your website, which I found through Google. |
|Giving reason for writing |We are a manufacturer / supplier / provider of ... We are interested in ... |
| |We are a Turkish company exporting to the EU, and we need ... |
|General requests |We would be grateful for some information about ... |
| |Please send us information about your product range and prices. |
|Specific requests |In particular, we would like to know ... |
| |Please send full details of your prices, discounts, terms of payment and delivery times. |
| |Could you also say whether there is any minimum order. |
|Close |An early reply would be greatly appreciated. |
| |I look forward to an early reply, and am sure that there is a market for your products here in Hungary.|

Giving information (supplier)

|Thanks |Thank you for your email of 4 June inquiring about ... |
|Giving factual information |We can quote a price of ... CIF / FOB Istanbul. |
| |We can delivery by ... (date) / within ... (period of time) |
| |The goods will be shipped 3 days from receipt of a firm order. |
| |We can offer a discount of ... on orders over ... . |
| |We require payment by bank transfer / letter of credit. |
| |Our normal procedure is to ... |
| |Our normal terms for first-time customers are ... |
| |We can supply the items you require directly from stock. |
|Saying what you are attaching |I am attaching a document that gives full details of ... |
| |I am attaching our current catalogue and price list as a pdf file. |
|Highlighting one or two key points |You will see that ... |
| |You will note that our line of .... is on special offer. |
|Answering specific questions |You will also note that ... Our experience in this field includes ... |
| |We dispatch the goods within 24 hours of a firm order, and for first-time customers our minimum |
| |order is $ 1,000. |
| |I am afraid that model is no longer available. However, ... |
|Close |We feel sure that ... May I suggest that I call you at your convenience to discuss the matter |
| |further? |
| |If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. My direct line is... |

Making an order (customer)

|Open |Thank you for your recent email, and we accept your quotation. Our completed order form is attached, and we give full bank |
| |details below. |
|Close |Please acknowledge receipt of this order. |

Confirming an order (supplier)

|Open |Your order has been received. |
| |We can confirm that your goods have been shipped. |
| |You can track shipping details on our website. |
| |Due to exceptional demand these items are temporarily out of stock. We hope to be able to ship your order within ... days and |
| |will keep you fully informed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. |
|Close |We are confident that the goods will meet your expectations. Should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact |
| |me, either by email or phone |

Asking for payment (supplier)

|First reminder – open |We are writing concerning a payment of $12,600 for invoice number KJ678 which is now overdue. A copy of the |
| |invoice is attached. |
| |According to our records, the sum of $4,500 is still outstanding on your account |
|First reminder – action |Please send a bank transfer to settle the account, or an explanation of why the balance is still outstanding. |
| |If you have already dealt with this matter, please disregard this email. |
| |We could appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter as soon as possible. |
|Second/third reminder – open |On (date) I wrote to you regarding your company’s unpaid account , amounting to $4,500. May we please remind |
| |you that this amount is still outstanding. |
| |I wish to draw your attention to my previous emails of (dates) about the overdue payment on your account. We |
| |are very concerned that the matter has not yet receive your attention. |
|Second/third reminder – action |We need a bank transfer in full settlement without further delay. |
| |Clearly, this situation cannot be allowed to continue, and we must ask you to take immediate action to settle |
| |your account. |
| |If you have any queries on this mater, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your cooperation. |
|Final demand – open |Following my emails of (dates) I must inform you that we have still not received payment for the outstanding |
| |sum of $4,500. |
| |I wrote to you on (dates) regarding the balance of $12,600 on your account. I attach copies of both emails. |
| |This sum is now two months overdue. We are very concerned that the matter has not yet received your attention. |
|Final demand – action |Unless we receive payment within seven days, we shall have no alternative but to take legal action to recover |
| |the money. |
| |In the meantime, your existing credit facilities have been suspended. |

Complaints and Apologies

Complaining (customer)

|Open |I am writing ... |
| |in connection with my order FS690 which arrived this morning. |
| |to complain about the quality of a product I bought from your website. |
| |to complain about the poor service we received from your company. |
| |to draw your attention to the negative attitude of some people in your customer services section |
|Complaint |Our order dated 16 September clearly stated that we wanted 1,000 items, however you ... |
| |The goods were faulty / damaged / in poor condition. |
| |There seems to be an error in the invoice /a misunderstanding. |
| |The equipment I ordered has still not been delivered, despite my phone call you last week to say that it is needed |
| |urgently. |
| |The product I received was well below the standard expected. |
| |To make matters worse, when I called your company staff ... |
|Request for action |Please replace the faulty goods as soon as possible. |
| |We must insist on an immediate replacement / full refund. |
| |Unless I receive the goods by the end of this week, I will have no choice but to cancel my order. |
|Close |I hope that you will deal with this matter promptly as it is causing me considerable inconvenience. |

Apologizing (supplier)

|Open |I am writing in relation to your recent complaint. |
|Apologizing |I was very concerned to learn about ... Please accept my sincere apologies. |
| |I would like to apologize for the inconvenience you have suffered. |
|Denying responsibility |We appreciate that this has caused you considerable inconvenience, but we cannot accept any responsibility in this matter. |
|Promising action |Can you leave it with me? I’ll look into the matter and get back to you tomorrow. |
| |I have looked into the matter and ... |
| |I have spoken to the staff involved, and ... |
| |We will send replacement items / give you a refund immediately. |
| |I can assure you that this will not happen again. |
| |We’re having a temporary problem with ... . We’re doing everything we can to sort it out. |
|Compensation |To compensate for the inconvenience, we would like to offer you ... |
|Close |Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Please accept my assurance that it will not happen again. |
| |Once again, I hope you will accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. |
| |I very much hope you will continue to use our services in the future. |
| |If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on my direct line... |


Being Friendly

|You heard something, but you are not sure |It seems that ... Apparently, ... |
|Something is true, but surprising |Actually, ... In fact, ... |
|Something is obvious or already known |Obviously, ... Of course ... |
|Good/ bad fortune |Unfortunately, ... Luckily, ... |
|Saying what you really think |To be honest, ... Frankly, ... |
|Going back to a topic |Well, ... So, ... Anyway, ... |
|Changing the topic |Anyway, ... So, ... By the way, ... |
|Summarizing with the most important point |Anyway, ... Basically, ... |

Asking for advice

| |Formal/Neutral |Informal |
|Open |I’d like your advice about a problem I have |I’ve got a bit of a problem. |
|Asking for advice |I was wondering if you had any ideas about ...? |Do you have any ideas about ...? |
| |What would you advise me to do? |What should I do? |
|Close |Please write back when you have the time and let me |Please email me when you get the chance. |
| |know what you think. | |

Giving advice

| |Formal/Neutral |Informal |
|Open |I was sorry to hear about your current difficulties. |I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time at the moment. |
|Giving advice |I think it might be a good idea to ... |I think you should ... |
| |Have you thought of ... (+ing)? |What about ... (+ing)? |
|Result |This would mean that ... |That way, ... |
|Options |I think this option would be preferable to ... (+ing) |I think it’s better than ... (+ing) |
|Close |I hope I have been of some help. |I hope I’ve helped a bit. |

|Making a suggestion |I think we should / I suggest that we / Let’s go to ... |
| |Shall we / Perhaps we could/Why don’t we go to ...? |
| |I suggest... /How about going to ...? |
|Accepting |It’s a great idea! |
| |I think your idea would work really well. |
| |It might be worth trying. |
|Rejecting |I’m not so sure about your idea. |
| |It sounds like a good idea, but I don’t think it would work in practice. |
| |It sounds like a good idea, but I can see one or two problems. |

Special situations
|Thanks |Just a quick note to say many thanks for ... |
| |I really appreciate everything that you have done. |
|Good luck |Good luck with ...I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in the future. |
|Congratulations |Many congratulations on your promotion / new job. |
| |I was delighted to hear the news about ... |
| |Well done! |
|Best wishes |Please give my best wishes/regards to ... |
|Bad news |I was so sorry to hear about ... |
| |I was really sorry to hear you’re not well ...Hope you feel better soon. |
| |If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. |

Job Application
|Greeting |Dear Sir/Madam |
|Reason for writing |With reference to your advertisement on the ... website, I am interested in applying for the post of... |
|Your background and |I am 26 years old and am currently studying for a degree in ... at ... University. |
|experience |For the last two months I have been working as a ... at ... . |
|The job itself |I am interested in this job because ... |
| |I feel that I would be well-suited for this job/have a lot of experience in ... |
|Referring to your CV |I have attached my CV as a Word document. You will notice that I ... as well as ... . You will also notice that ... . |
|Final comments |I would be grateful if you would consider my application. |
| |You will see from my CV that two people can be contacted as references, one is ... and the other is from ... . |
| |I am available for interview in .../ by phone any weekday afternoon, and you can email me or telephone me on the number below. |
|Close |I look forward to hearing from you soon. |
| |Yours faithfully |


Report structure

|Introduction / Background |As requested at the Board meeting of 18 April, here is my report. |
| |The report will discus / consider / describe / analyze / review ... |
| |The report is based on ... |
| |I have divided the report into three sections. |
|Findings |The findings / figures / results / investigations show that ... |
| |It appears that ... . This has led to a situation where ... |
| |The graph/table shows that ... |
|Signposts |As can be seen in table 1 / section 2 / figure 3, ... |
| |As mentioned above, ... / ..., see below. |
| |...and I will discuss this in more detail below /in section 3.2. |
|Conclusion / Recommendations |I (would like to) suggest /recommend that ... |
| |My specific recommendations are as follows. |
|Closing comments |Please have a look at the report and let me have your comments. |
| |Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. |

Linking words

|Sequence |Firstly / secondly / finally |
|Talking generally |In general / usually / on the whole |
|Contrast |However / nevertheless / on the other hand |
|Adding another point |In addition / moreover / on another point |
|Examples |For example / for instance / e.g. |
|Alternatives |Either ... or ... / alternatively / instead of ... |
|Real (surprising) situation |In fact, / actually, / as a matter of fact |
|Something is obvious |Clearly / obviously / of course |
|Most important point |Especially / above all / in particular |
|Rephrasing |In other words / that is to say / i.e. |
|Result/consequence |As a result / therefore / for this reason |
|New topic |In relation to / regarding / with reference to |

Careful, balanced style

|Giving both sides of an argument |In general ..., however ... |
| |On the whole ..., but ... |
|Making a statement less general |Many / some ... |
| |Usually / typically / often ... |
|Making a statement less certain |It is possible / probable that ... |
| |It seems / appears that ... |
| |... tends to be... |
|Making a comparison less strong |Substantially / considerably / much (+ comparative adjective) |
| |Significantly / relatively (+ comparative adjective) |
| |Marginally / slightly (+ comparative adjective) |
|Concluding |On balance, ... |
| |Taking all the above points into consideration, ... |…...

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...-ii r l b': i.-l-i.rr i .1,:reri- 'L-i-h::-rr-+*-- t- ". -:--l.:",!-j*L:-** -\:,,i,r, .t.iu::il-rtl t.-ln-r'* ----tr*nl>tlt i; *.i "J -f:t--f:>i1 i.S - f-r({c:ts.Vc\ J 1^ . Lt. L-.' k dl o !'r. \,'l bo the. t-in ..S--'il-*-*clhirse c,.',"e.1ieg"U.--L$ss+iEct Poge t- lt lll llllll llll llll lll 70059845 lll llllll llil lll WERKOPDRAGSKRYFBLOK _ ASSIGNMENT WRITING PAD II Skryf - Write Dosent se Kommentar Tirtorial Comments Ph-l", ccr\ .t l-r r\ ei fl h"l s s. r.IBife L Anb ..-'.c.r}q g .Ecr i rr i hr:rV;OLif \ai rr ec hr.-i'Ses or I _ [r.,cb, cn rl .ilri f. tDcprr-1,s \ r* r: r'r L rrtr I r€ :) t;nJ ..:D r ci t\ /-\ rr s [., c. 4.\cct h ti Y'\ i"1 f r.l Ex [1-s-.\ lA opr.rrrn L to:c k c, ;*lfre:avrgielt-\ {o. v{d( ahru.,t g Tr.. Ncrb'o,-',6,,11 Ce-!,r-e. o'.,I C h' \ ci AEutrg.-:*l:d-NsL|-ls!t reritrl L-reLw'.; e u'-. dA chr\ " Ll^e i cr S

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Barclays Annual Report

...2013) Sir Michael Rake* Diane de Saint Victor (from 1 March 2013) Sir John Sunderland* Lawrence Dickinson, Secretary Independent On appointment Scheduled meetings eligible to attend llllllll Scheduled meetings attended llllllll Additional meetings eligible to attend Additional meetings attended Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director llllllll lllll ll llllllll lllll ll Risk review Independent Independent Independent Independent Independent Independent Independent Non-Independent Independent Independent Independent Independent Independent lll llllllll llllllll llllllll llllllll llllllll lll lll llllllll lll llllllll lllllll llllllll lll llllllll llllllll llllllll llllllll llllllll lll lll llllll lll llllllll lllllll llllllll Financial review l Scheduled meetings Additional Meetings * unable to attend certain additional meetings held at short notice owing to prior business commitments † unable to attend two scheduled meetings held owing to prior business commitments Roles on the Board Role Responsibilities ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Financial statements Chairman of the Board ■ Leads the Board including its operation and governance Builds an effective Board Sets the Board agenda in consultation with Chief Executive and Company Secretary Facilitates and encourages active engagement and appropriate challenge by Directors Ensures effective communication with shareholders and other stakeholders and ensures members of the Board......

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Acusacion La Polar responsabilidad limitada Inversiones Galicia limitada. ffffff) Copia Informe de escritura de Mandato, Fiscalía BBVA, fecha 07 de enero de 2004, de Asesorías Galicia Limitada. gggggg) Informe de sociedades de personas, emitido por M. Soledad Dávila A. con fecha 06 de enero de 2004, sobre Asesorías Galicia Limitada. hhhhhh) Listado de cargos a cuenta de asesorías Galicia Limitada. iiiiii) Listado de abonos a cuenta de Asesorías Galicia limitada. jjjjjj) Copia Cartola de movimientos cuenta corriente Nº 05040086000100024143, BBVA, de Asesorías Galicia Limitada, entre 07/01/2010 al 30/06/2011. kkkkkk) Copia Formulario Apertura Cuenta corriente comercial en Moneda legal, BBVA, de fecha 10/03/2006, a Agrícola Haya Roja Ltda. llllll) Copia Inscripción Rol único tributario y/o declaración de inicio de actividades, SII, fecha 03/01/2006, de Agrícola Haya Roja Limitada. mmmmmm) Copia Rol único tributario Asesorías Andacollo Limitada. nnnnnn) Copia cédula de identidad María Inés Lagos Salas. oooooo) Copia manifestación de bienes ante Banco BBVA, fecha 13 de marzo de 2006, de Agrícola Haya Roja Ltda. pppppp) Copia manifestación de bienes ante Banco BBVA, fecha 13 de marzo de 2006, de Asesorías Andacollo Ltda. qqqqqq) Copia Rol único tributario Agrícola Haya Rojas Limitada. rrrrrr) Copia Informe Resumen, Banco BBVA, sobre Agrícola Haya roja Limitada, de fecha 14/03/2006. ssssss) Copia Informe Resumen, Banco BBVA, sobre Pablo Sergio Alcalde Saavedra, de......

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...Kayla Pryce Professor Clark March 25, 2016 Newsletters I decided to analyze the Business of Fashion newsletter. I really enjoyed the components contained within the newsletter. I was able to see the magazine elements and blog similarities. A newsletter is a bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society, business, or organization. It is generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. General features of newsletters include news and upcoming events of the related organization, as well as contact information for general studies. Newsletters are the most mis-used marketing tool around. The Business of Fashion use of newsletters are very effective. The Business of Fashion newsletter use it to reveal worldwide clothing, spread the news of particular designers, and wardrobes. It is an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs in many countries. Newsletters such as “The Business of Fashion” are seen as an addiction. Some people wake up and the first thing they do is read. Some newsletters are a required read. The audience is anyone who would benefit from the information the newsletter contains. The Business of Fashion newsletter began as a project of passion, aiming to target the informed, questioning and opinionated point of view on the fashion business. This target audience can be rich businesses in the Fashion Industry, celebrities who participate in filling their closets with fancy worldwide......

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Apex Financial Statement

...iiamined the irnancial statements of the company in accordance with generally accepted ts opinion on the faimess of presentation upon completion auditing standards stockholders. Sycip, Gones, Velayo & Colin D. Patterson Q4 x-*tt iil:tr -ffiE.*w* i--*.-"*''- REPUBLTC OF THE PHTLTPPTNES ) suErsft-GTi ) s.s. SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this day of exhibiting to me their respective PassporUSSS Numbers, as follows: aPR l' 5 ?0tt , affiant(s) NAMES PassporUCTC/SSS No. COLIN D. PATTERSON E3069926 issued on 7 11 S|OB UntilT/15/2018 PEREGRINO S. RESABAL RODOLFO G. BRAVO CTC No. 05982338 1l31l11Makati sss#33-6031 520-9 Doc. No.. ?(}o Page No.: -Vt Book Series ot 2011. No.: m llllll iltil*itrs*rt It Il llllllilrlrtrt'u"'. $Sftnmrsl*ur*s $6VsCa a Opinion In our opinion, the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Apex Mining Co., Inc. as of December 31,2010, and its financial performance and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with Philippine Financial Reporting Standards. Other Matter The financial statements of the Company as of and for the years ended December 31,2009 and 2008, which are presented for comparative purposes, were audited by other auditors whose report thereon dated April 8, 2010, expressed an unqualified opinion on those statements' Report on the Supplementary Information Required Under Revenue Regulations......

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...Working Paper No. 201 Determinants of Competitiveness of the Indian Auto Industry Badri Narayanan G. Pankaj Vashisht January 2008 INDIAN COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH ON INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELATIONS Contents Foreword............................................................................................................................. i Executive Summary .......................................................................................................... ii 1. Literature Review ..................................................................................................... 1 1.1 Introduction......................................................................................................... 1 1.2 Literature Review................................................................................................ 2 1.2.1 Global Comparisons ................................................................................... 3 1.2.2 Policy Environment and Evolution of Indian Auto Industry....................... 4 1.2.3 Productivity................................................................................................. 7 1.2.4 Aspects Related to Supply Chain and Industrial Structure......................... 7 1.2.5 Technology and Other Aspects ................................................................. 10 1.3 Contributions of the Study ................................................................................ 13 Supply Side Features......

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