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Living on/Off Campus

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‘The Brickfield Law School wishes to thank you for your application and is delighted to make you an unconditional offer of a place on Degree in Law course’ – this offer letter alone is enough to make you on cloud nine. University is a very special phase of life where one gets the incredible opportunity of growing up. Entering university is everyone’s childhood dream where one is tantalized by the fairy tale of university life that seems to promise lively and enjoyable experiences. Having yourself to study in the tertiary education level is to be living away from homes. One will have to face with the hardest decision of having to choose whether to live on-campus or off-campus. Home and dorm kind of life has a very significant distinction. The views on this issue varies and differs accordingly on whether living on-campus or off-campus is more advantageous to a student. Eventually, one will have to choose living in dormitories or living in apartments following to their preferences. Both places have their own benefits. There are many reasons to be considered on for university students to either be living on-campus or off-campus and among them are financial significant, conveniency and privacy. First and foremost, the aspect that can be looked into is the financial significant. Glancing at it on the first sight, living off-campus may seems like a good idea and less expensive but to further look into details, it actually can costs you even more. One has to pay for the electricity, water utility, the internet and not to mention the parking tickets all in separate bills which makes everything more expensive as you pay to what you use. This is dissimilar to living on-campus where you are entitled to pay for the college fees according to the number of roommates you have in a room. Plus the fact that the fees you are paying comes with a complete amenities. On-campus, you…...

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