Literature Review for Family Support on College Students

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The Affects of Family Support on College Students
Missouri State University

The Affects of Family Support on College Students

Attending College is often a huge step to many students, but having an involved parent can be key to a student’s success in college. Having an involved parent can be a helpful source of insight, a shoulder to lean on when they stumble, a cheerleader to encourage and praise their successes, and a place of safety and rest. But researchers have found that first-generation college students receive far less emotional, informational and financial support from their parents than continuing-generation students (Rhoades, G. K., & Wood, L. F, 2014).
As the number of students attending college rises every year, it is important for students of the future to have a positive support system behind them. Attending college is the start to achieving a higher social class and becoming part of the thirty percent of people with a college degree in the United State. For the future of education and employment, it has concerned researchers and practitioners about the amount of families not supporting their children of their education choices.
The purpose of conducting further research on the lack of family support of college students is to expand on the research by Piorkowski, G. K. (1983), Rhoades, G. K., & Wood, L. F. (2014), Wei, M., Yeh, C. J., Chao, R. C., Carrera, S., & Su, J. C. (2013) and Oshikawa, S. (1968) to use their findings to add our understandings of the relationship between parent and college student. Because they have examined ways in which show the emotional experiences of first-generation college students, the affects of grades and contentedness of the student’s personal life, and the extent to which it exists for non first generations college students has not yet been fully examined. Therefore, this paper…...

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