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Bere’s Hammond (Holiday) According to the track Holiday by Bere’s Hammond, I agree with his opinions about the world today. If every nation, race, and culture came together today as one and discussed the conditions of the world, continued to try, and lifted every voice it would create a better society. For example, We can help one another physically, emotionally and financially in many ways like war, trade, and also the shortage of money .Each and every individual is still a human being in which they should have a right to voice their opinion, even though it would be impossible to please everyone it is possible to agree upon one thing and make a difference In my opinion, Racism still exists and people as individuals continue to view one another by either a person’s nationality or race It Is very irrational and shows nothing but ignorance because everyone is different within, it wouldn’t hurt to learn about someone else’s back round you can explore new things. Furthermore, Bere’s also mentioned speaking about your situations. Everything that is held back inside of you can only harm you internally ,if you express about your inner feelings to another it can really help, others may even feel the same way and you can come to a conclusion and feel better. In Conclusion, if every individual set aside prejudgment and welcomed one another happily no matter who or what nationality we can save the holiday and fulfill it with joy and happiness instead of negativity and…...

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...assistant product manager at Home Care, Lisa Benton has not been able to combine her inner strengths and her network map in order to establish good basis to launch her career. Whereas she has been hired for her enthusiasm and her academic background, she did not demonstrate neither of these qualities, mostly because of a failure to clearly identify the stakeholders and the interests of all the members of her professional network. Consequently, she could not build an effective network. First of all, at Home Care we have in the one hand the “MBAs” which is the predominant and most powerful stakeholders (overrepresented in the organization) and in the other hand, Scoville and Linton’s group which is a little isolated network based essentially on friendship (or more?) and hard work (task-related network). For example, Scoville is a task oriented person who communicates only for work-related problems and Linton seems to value more relationship, trust and hard work. Lisa perceived her bosses’ attitude as lack of interest or hostility whereas it is partly a lack of motivation due to absence of promotion and decreasing recognition of their skills in the organization that has resulted in isolation. Also, she perceived her direct managers only through the lens of formal hierarchy as legitimate and reward powers whereas they have other strengths that she could have noticed and valued like expertise and commitment to the company. Furthermore, Lisa has successfully got along with the......

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...Lisa Benton an assistant product manager at Houseworld, a leading consumer products company. Upon the start of her career at Houseworld, she has been frustrated by a lack of responsibility, by her poor relationship with her boss and a colleague, and recently, by the negative performance review she received. Initially she is not widely accepted by her team and felt that the lack of responsibility granted to her left her with little room to prosper in the company. Many other factors are also contributing to Benton’s dissatisfaction at Houseworld. She is not receiving the marketing training she was promised and her skills are being underutilized. Strained interpersonal relationships are contributing to this as well. There are three major relationships within the company that shaped Benton’s current state of dissatisfaction. Deborah Linton, Benton’s boss, is the main relationship of focus. Linton failed to establish trust with candor and transparency at Houseworld. This is one of Jack Welch’s eight essential rules in being a great leader. Candor “breaks through political bias,” (Kotter) and Linton failed to do so by allowing her loyalties to Scoville strain the professional relationship between her and Benton, her mentee so to speak. Transparency is defined as “sharing information broadly (Kotter).” By avoiding Benton’s training seminars, she is hoarding necessary information Benton needs to excel within the company. She put her own concerns before that of the company. Because......

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