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Function of a care giver
· I provide Eucharistic Celebrations as scheduled, as well as funeral and memorial services as requested. I provide Sacramental needs as requested like: anointing the sick, emergency baptism and distribution of Holy
Communion and providing listening and compassionate presence to patients/families and staff.
· I act as a liaison between patient, family, and health care staff during periods of crisis, e.g. illness, dying, or protracted or difficult surgery. · I provide pastoral care to patients, families and staff with emotional issues related to sickness, loss, trauma and grief.
· I serve patients of all religious denominations as well as those with no religious affiliation or belief. I meet with patients, families or staff through visitation, crisis ministry, counseling and bereavement support. · I’m available daily during regular work hours as well as on
- call to all the patient’s care units including the surgery, intensive care, cardiac critical/progressive care, Mother baby care, General medical/acute units, emergency waiting areas and other places as may needed to deliver spiritual care and assessment appropriate to critically ill or dying patient’s spirituality, culture, religious preference and health status. I attend to the spiritual and emotional needs of specific patient and family population.
· I welcome meeting with patients and employees upon request for private counseling. Meet with discharged patients who have indicated the need for follow up. Act as a liaison between patient, family, and health care staff during periods of crisis especially during times of illness, dying or difficult surgery. Chart spiritual assessments and spiritual care interventions in the medical record.
Interdisciplinary Group Membership (IDG)
· I attend and participate in interdisciplinary…...

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