Legalization of Cannabis and Marijuana

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Legalization of Cannabis and Marijuana
By: Angelita Balderas

English 101
Mr. Chris Dietz
8 MAY 2016

There are many people who might disagree with legalization of marijuana, however as far as facts show, states that have legalized marijuana have significantly improved in multiple ways. There is an overflowing list of health issues that can be treated by consuming marijuana. The availability and distribution of hemp, and let’s not forget about the insane overflow of cash in tax revenue. This is not your average ‘dirty money’, this is supporting, providing, and bettering the lively hood for its resident’s type of money. It is time to throw away that stereotypical pot head image, and start understanding actuality. Let’s face it, when most people think about legalizing marijuana they probably are not thinking about how it can better their state. The profit that can be made is a major part of legalization that should not be ignored. Only 4 of states have legalized recreational marijuana and have taken advantage of all of the benefits, and then there are 24 states that are starting to get on board by having legalized marijuana medically. Take Colorado for example, one of the 4 states that has fully legalized recreational marijuana. When the state asked its people what they should do with all of the additional taxes gained from the sales of marijuana, they chose the less selfish road. The options they were given was to either return the $66 million of tax revenue back to the tax payer and pot grower or to give it to the state to be fairly distributed for public service. The majority of the vote, around 70 percent, agreed to use the revenue for schools and other public services in the state. So, where exactly is this money going and how is it even helping the state? Some remarkable ways that the tax revenue is helping the state is by; giving 40 million for…...

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