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To: Mayor Morse

From: Kissel Evaluations by Karen Kissel

Subject: Contract Specifics based on Leonard vs. PepsiCo, 1999

Ref: Unit 3 IP PROJECT

Date: August 6, 2011

Dist: Anytown, Anywhere

Based on Leonard vs. PepsiCo, 1999, along with various readings and research done at AIU Online Library – I, Karen Kissel have evaluated and re-evaluated the various legal ramifications, along with the positives and the negatives that would be involved with the potential advertising campaign of auctioning off ANYTOWN ON EBay.

Executive Summary (used in place of an Abstract)

In this paper the author is going to explain the valid legal elements of contracts. She is going to define the objective theory of contracts. In this paper advertisements and there legalities will be touched upon and how they relate to the Leonard v. PepsiCo Case. All the essences of contracts have been outlined and surmised to determine whether or not Mayor Morse should follow through with his potential advertising campaign to sell Anytown on EBay. All the information presented in this paper is to advise, and enlighten by educating the Mayor of all things relevant to contracts and the various factors attached to them while comparing them to the PepsiCo case of 1999. The author has hopefully fulfilled the needs and requirements expected of her by the mayor and his associates. Some fine examples have also been given to illustrate various points of law.

Contracts and the Elements Of

Karen Kissel

American Intercontinental University

Unit 3

Gentlemen and Madame’s,

Simply put, a contract is an agreement enforceable by law, or the use of the principles of justice to add to the law…...

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