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Learning Experience Paper
Joshua Catt
March 7, 2016
Sandra Mohr

Learning Experience Paper
This paper is going to discuss the personal experience that have provided me ability to analyze the perspective to learning theories. The experiences that are examined are through classical conditioning, operant condition and cognitive social learning theory.
The experience I am going to discuss is the fear I have of snakes and the reasons why I have this fear. To provide some insight about my fear of snakes let me tell you a little about the background. Snakes ae very prominent in Arizona because of the climate that is there. When I was a kid there was never a day that went by that I never saw a snake slithering outside of my house. This fear that I talk about is best explained through Pavlov’s classical conditioning. According to (Feist, 2008) the type of learning that is through the neutral stimulus can be associated with the meaningful stimulus that requires the capacity to a response that is somewhat similar.
The fear of snakes that I have comes back to me when I was a young boy riding around on my bike. It was a normal day when I was riding around on my bike like I did any other day when I passed a field that had some tall weeds. When I drove past this field a baby rattler leaped out and attached his fangs into by back tire. If anyone knows about baby rattlers when they strike they are very poisonous because they don’t understand when to stop putting venom out. So from after this point I was very cautious and I would freak out every time a saw any snake. This unconditioned stimulus is of the snake and my response that I had would be the fear, the conditioned stimulus would be me freaking out every time I saw a snake, and the conditioned response would be the total fear of all snakes.
Looking at myself, I have acquired certain behaviors through operant…...

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