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This document contains the policies and action taken in response to the recent rioting of various student groups on campus after a recent decision made for the allocation of funds for the King-Chavez lecture series. This document contains immediate and future plans for the University.

At Pilgreen University, we understand that the issue at hand may cause problems no matter what the decision, because ultimately not everyone can be satisfied. However, PU does strive to make the University a place where as much equality exists as possible, and therefore will try to make the best decision possible.
Issues At Hand
There are several possible issues involved with the problem of the rioters upset over the decision made by the faculty/student committee and their allocation of funds. The issue at hand is that four different groups(a predominantly white religious group, LGBT group, African American group, and Hispanic group- no other groups are mentioned) that represent students on campus are vying for funds to be allocated to them for their specific speaker. Because the LGBT group seemingly presented a better platform for their speaker, they received the majority of the money. The African American and Hispanic groups received less money. The predominantly white religious group was not mentioned as receiving money; however, a white group was mentioned as being at the riot and looking for a reason to loot and vandalize. The issue seems to have the following possibilities as to why the riot is happening: 1) racial/ethnic tensions already happening on campus seem to help spark the riot when certain groups did not get the money they wanted 2) the issue could also stem from a sexuality issue as the LGBT group received the majority of the money, yet the other groups are listed by race, the campus could have problems with sexuality and have issues with accepting 3) pride could…...

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