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Running head: Wolves: Innocent victim or vicious killer?


Wolves Stephen Hawks Western Governors University

Wolves: Innocent victim or vicious killer?




Wolves, the very name polarizes people from one end of the spectrum to the other. From the people that believe they should be shot on site, to the opposite end where environmentalist feels that people hunting wolves should be shot on site. How could you argue with the people most directly affected by the re-introduction of wolves into their area? When your livelihood is constantly threatened by the predators, it drives people to extremes. In our initial settling of this country we drove the other predators (mainly Native American and wolves) from their lands; forcing them to remote outskirts. We nearly killed the wolf off in our drive to seize this vast territory and everything in it. By doing that we threw off nature’s food chain, which caused a ripple effect among other animals and plants directly affected by the wolf. By re-introducing the wolf to its once natural territory, are we trying to right an injustice done by our ancestors long ago? Research has shown that wolves impact society through its reputation as killer of livestock, important link in the eco-system, and pawn in the ongoing debates between Government and Conservationist groups. There’s something spiritual about gazing into a wolf’s eyes. It touches your soul and it changes you. According to Lopez (1978) “It takes your stare and turns it back on you. People suddenly want to explain the feelings that come over them when confronted with that stare-their fear, their hatred, their respect, their curiosity” (p4).You cannot deny the power and strength that lies in that stare, although we share different physical forms, we can still aspire to the virtues of

Wolves: Innocent victim or vicious killer?


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