Lan / Wan Research Project

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LAN / WAN Research Project

You have just begun working as a networking consultant with MTI Technologies Inc.
One of your first tasks is to help troubleshoot a small Ethernet network at a tax preparation office in the city of Chicago. The backbone of this network consists of six hubs connected in a bus fashion. Three of the hubs service workgroups of 10 workstations each. One of the hubs services two file servers and two shared printers. In anticipation of tax season and a heavier workload, the organization recently upgraded its network from 10BaseT to100BaseT. However, they have not seen any of the performance increases they expected. Before even visiting the firm, what can you suggest as reasons for the less than optimal performance?

I would inform them that they might have a NIC card that is not capable of 100baseT, this would make all the other NIC cards run on 10baseT regardless of it’s capability. I would suggest that they purchase a new NIC card and I would inform them that they need to update their drivers whenever they do upgrades.
The network managers at the tax preparation office have followed your advice on reconfiguring the network, and as a result, the network is now running more smoothly. However, they have realized that their Internet connection is too slow. They have been using a dial-up BRI
ISDN connection. They want to spend no more than $250 per month on an Internet connection
(not including installation fees). They also need a transmission method with fairly good security and a guarantee of adequate throughput during the daytime hours. What solution can you recommend that will offer them the most throughput at this cost?

I would recommend that they purchase a router and upgrade their internet connection to frame-relay PVC at 256 kbps, which would be giving them double the speed they currently have, plus with the…...

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