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Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in Italy in 1916. He was fascinated with engines from an early age. During World War II he joined the army stationed on the island of Rhodes. While stationed on the island, he repaired broke down cars, trucks and motorcycles since there wasn’t much action with the war. Lamborghini became know as a wizard with engines.

After the war he returned home near Modena in northern Italy and set up a small car and motorcycle repair shop. He soon realized that there was a desperate need for tractors in the agricultural area where he lived .He found he could build one tractor a month from broke down military vehicles. Italy’s economy grew as did the demand for his high quality tractors. He became very successful selling over 400 tractors a month in 1960. Also in 1960 he began manufacturing heat and air conditioning units looking to expand his business. This too became very successful.

About this time Lamborghini started to get interested in developing a high performance car. He had owned Maseratis and Ferraris but was always disappointed with them .Particularly with there engines. Lamborghini went to visit Enzo Ferrari who’s factory was near by. Enzo had no time for a tractor manufacturer and simply dismissed him. So Lamborghini decided to build his own car with a V12 engine.

The new engine had 4 cams a short stroke and 4 big bore valves per cylinder. It developed a surprising 350 HP. It was an all aluminum engine with a crankshaft supported by 7 main bearings. This engine was the prototype for all future Lamborghini engines.

The Lamborghini "350 GTV" prototype was shown to the public on the Turin Auto Show of 1963. Sales started the following year. The car was called the 350 GT. It was a complete success. Over 130 were sold. The future of Automobili Lamborghini looked very bright during the 1960s

The Miura was first shown…...

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