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MATH 24 Modern Business Mathematics Fall 2015
|Section 2& 3 |Instructor: Dr. Kathy Zhong |Phone: 278-6698 |
|Sec. 2 TuTh 9:00-10:15am |Office Hours by Prof. Zhong in BRH 132 TuTh: |Office Hours by Domokos, Franciska |
|Room: DNH 1004 |10:15--11:45 starting 2nd week of school or |MW 9--10, Tu 1:30--2:30, |
|Sec. 3 TuTh 12-1:30 |by appointment. |TuTh 10:15--11:45 and F 2--4 |
|Room Humboldt 202 | |in Library 1010 (Multicultural Center) |
| |E-mail: |URL: |

Math Lab: The Math Lab in Brighton Hall 118 provides free tutoring. Hours M--Th 9-5pm, F 9-1pm.
Catalog Description: Mathematics for business world, including functions, math of finance, and rates of change. Applications to economics and business will be emphasized throughout by the use of case studies.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to: (1) Solve problems by thinking logically, making conjectures, and constructing valid mathematical arguments. (2) Make valid inferences from numerical, graphical and symbolic information. (3)Apply mathematical reasoning to both abstract and applied problems, and to both scientific and non-scientific problems.

Prerequisites: MATH 009,and the Intermediate Algebra Diagnostic Test (IAD). You must have an IAD test score of 27 or better to stay in the class(Department policy, no exceptions.). All students are required to show their scores by Tuesday, September 8 to avoid being dropped from…...

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