Labor Laws and Unions

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Labor Laws and Unions
Walmart is one of the biggest retail stores in the world. Walmart operates worldwide with current total count of its stores reaching 9.667 stores worldwide (Walmart Corporate, 2011). Interestingly, Walmart is an organization that is currently non-unionized. This paper will provide brief background information on Walmart organization. Legal issues and obstacles that Walmart could encounter will also be identified. The writer will determine which federal, state, or local laws could be broken because of the legal issues and why. Finally, recommendations to minimize possible litigation will be provided.
The second part of the paper will deal with scenario if Walmart joining a union. Effects of the union on Walmart will be discussed next on the paper. Organization’s benefits of joining a union will be analyzed. Process of unionization will be discussed. And ways on how a union bargains and its effects on Walmart will be considered.
Walmart’s Background
Walmart begins in 1962 along with other retail stores such as Kmart and Target. Walmart has a humble beginning, with its owner Sam Walton put up 95 percent of their money to open the first Walmart stores in Rogers, Arkansas. Walmart finally goes public ten years later in 1972 which brings more capital to the organization. Walmart starts booming in the 1980s, where in the period of 10 years, sales grow from $ 1 billion in 1980s to $26 billion in 1989. In 21st century, Walmart is serving more than 176 million customers a year (Walmart Corporate, 2011). Throughout these years, Walmart as an organization never belong to a union despite many organizations suggested them to be unionized.
Legal Issues and Obstacles
Walmart could encounter numerous legal issues and obstacles because of their status as non-unionized. In recent years, Walmart has been the target of hundreds of lawsuits by employees in…...

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