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Text analysis of "Tickits" by Paul Milenski

1 . Composition:
a) Divide the story into 4 sections and give each section a headline.
b) The opening sentence: What do we at first think Toby is?
c) The ending: Is there a twist in the tale? A surprise at the end?
d) Explain the title.

2. Setting: What sort of place does the story take place in? Country? What sort of family? What about the time of the story - old, modern? Time of day?

3. The main character:
What sort of person is Toby? What is wrong with him? What does he like and dislike? Whom does he look up to? What sort of things matter to him - and why do they matter so much to him?
Describe Toby's mother. What is your impression of Toby's relationship to her? Why do you think Toby keeps his mother's "tickits" rather than giving them to her?
Patrolman McVee: What seems to be McVee's attitude to Toby? Would he agree with Toby's mother that he's "a goddamn nut"?

4. Point of view and narrator:
a) What is the point of view (synsvinkel) ofthe story? Note here that the sentence structure is fairly simple: mostly short main clauses (hovedsætninger) without any subordinate clauses (ledsætninger).
b) Is the narrator omniscient, or do es he have restricted knowledge of the characters?

5. Theme, aim:
a) What would you say is the theme of this short short story??
b) What might the author want to show us, what is his point?

6. Putting the text into perspective, seeing the text in a broader context (sammenhæng): If you have found answers to section 5, you will also have put the text into perspective.

Der er vedlagt et eksempel på hvordan punkt 4 & 5 kunne bevares. Derfor skal I ikke besvare disse punkter.

Besvarelse til Tickits:

a. The first seventeen lines is the first section. I have given the section the headline: TOBY. In the beginning of the story, we…...

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