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Case Study
Clinicia is a comprehensive practice management solution for the practicing doctors.
Currently, they provide this solution through an android based app and browser based web module.
Broadly their offerings can be categorized into two -
(A) SaaS based solution for doctors for their clinic management:
App & Web for clinic management with core features /modules as follows:
1. Patient's records & their visiting history details.
2. Doctor’s appointment & schedule
3. Income & Expenses module
4. Reports
5. My World - Doctor's forum.
(B) Doctor’s listing platform for Patients:
Patient will be able to search for doctors, find specialists, book online appointment & share their review / ratings for the doctors.
App link -
Website link -
As of now, they are already live with part (A) & promoting our SaaS based solutions to the various doctors of Mumbai region as a part of a pilot run.
On the technical side, they are working on various product improvements as well as new features; along with extensive focus on developing part (B).

Based on the above information, students are expected to address the below mentioned questions.

Question: 1
Identify the segments among specialist practicing doctors (like dentist, eye specialist, ENT, gynecologist etc.) and consumers and suggest which segment of doctors and consumers Clinicia should target.
Statistical Data Required: Please use the total number of practicing doctors in India, their practicing area of specialization, tier 1 & tier 2 city wise spread of doctors and the like (You can use industry reports to extract the statistical figures).
Question: 2
Do a competitive analysis of Clinicia. Suggest what features Clinicia should provide to be competitive in the market. Take any two companies operating in India & two…...

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