Kool-Aid Marketing Strategy

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Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Situation Analysis 4-7 Competitors 4-5 Company 5-6 Consumers 6-7 Objectives 8 Budgeting 8 Strategy 9-10 Execution 10-11 Evaluation 11-12 References 12

Executive Summary
The Kool-Aid brand has faded as the market has become flooded with various choices of sodas, waters, energy drinks, packaged and powdered sports drinks, and a myriad of other options. Our goal is to bring back this brand which was once at the heart of teen popular culture.
We will focus on bringing two new products to the Kool-Aid lineup: sugar-free premixed and energy drink.
The target market for sugar free Kool-Aid is soccer moms who generally have one to three children ages four to fourteen. We believe these moms will like the idea of having an alternative to sugary sports drinks and sodas for their children.
The target market for Kool-Aid energy drink is young adults who enjoy sports and gaming. We believe that these people drink energy drinks more often and grew up with Kool-Aid and will be happy to see it return in a form they can drink and still feel like adults.
We plan to run full page advertisements in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens and many gaming and sports magazines. We have allocated 7% of the revenue from Kool-Aid for advertising these new products.
Once a sufficient number of advertisements have run, we will survey and review customer satisfaction. Comparing these results with surveys prior to running the campaign will let us know if Kool-Aid has become part of the consideration set of energy drink buyers and soccer moms.

This analysis will explain how the Kool-Aid brand will be revitalized with modern culture and existing trends. With parents…...

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