Knowledge Gained and Personal Assessment

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Assignment Four: Knowledge Gained and Personal Assessment
Kim D. Duggared
HRMN 495
Professor Jimmy Adkins
11 October 2015
University of Maryland University College in Europe

Introduction and Purpose
The purpose of this paper is to drawn knowledge gained during this capstone class and classes that have been taken during this degree program. The concept chosen, that is to represent key concepts, related to the key knowledge areas in Human Resources is Employee Engagement
Academic definitions of the key terms
Blessing white from the division of GP strategy defines employee engagement as “ the intersection of maximum contribution for the organization and maximum satisfactory for the individual,” (, 2013). To further define Engagement In comparing and contrasting employee satisfaction and engagement, satisfaction refers to how employees feel — their “happiness”— about their job and conditions, things like compensation, benefits, work environment, and career development opportunities (, 2012) While engagement, on the other hand, refers to employees’ commitment and connection to work as measured by the amount of effort they are willing to expend on behalf of their employer (, 2012).
Highly engaged employees go above and beyond the core responsibilities outlined in their job descriptions, innovating and thinking outside the box to move their organizations forward while one can be satisfied with their work situation and not be engaged in helping the company grow and exceed work goals (
The value that is added to the organization through the concept
The value that is added to organizations through the concept of Employee engagement varies across the board. Values added can be a higher productivity levels and lower absenteeism or sick days. According to a Gallup poll taken from companies which value…...

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