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“Here you leave today, and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy” PRIZES UP FOR GRAB!!
1st Prize: Rs 25,000 2nd Prize: Rs. 15,000

Which is … The industry where you can make people laugh, make them happy The industry where you can strengthen the bonds of friendship The industry where work is fun, because you work for fun Yes… It is the amusement industry!!! Madhyamam Daily Backwaters ‘11 brings to you 'Serve-Wise', a marketing event with a focus on service-marketing, which gives you the opportunity to market a large-scale amusement park, Bisneyland in our own country, India.


All the teams are required to go through the case and answer the questions given therein. Submissions need to be in power-point format with a maximum of 20 slides (2 slides per case question)

The top 5 teams, shortlisted after round 1, will be called to IIMK campus during Backwaters 2011 (18th - 20th Nov) and they will be required to present the comprehensive marketing strategy.


Round No. Round 1 Round 2

Submission Deadline Result Date (tentative) 23:59hrs (IST); 02-Nov-11 07-Nov-11 Campus round

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES  Mail us your entries at in the below mentioned format. The subject line should be __ Power-point File Name: __Round1(User Name* of any one user) Cover Page: Team name, member details (Name, Institute, Phone No., Registration-id* & Email id) Maximum of 20 slides(2 slides per question)


  

*User Name to be input by the user while registering for IIM K Backwaters at *Registration Id (any one member) should be the unique code generated during event registration

RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. Event is open to students from all B-Schools 2. Team size should be a maximum of 3 members 3. Participants in a team can be from the same or different institutes 4. No participant should be a part of more than one team 5. Each team can submit only one entry for the competition 6. After registering for Backwaters’11 at; the participants have to register themselves through the online event registration portal on the site. Event registration will start on 23:59hrs IST, 25th Oct’11 7. There must be strictly no IPR infringements in the submissions. On discovery of such infringements, the respective team(s) will be disqualified with immediate effect 8. The selected participants would be reimbursed the 3rd AC fare up to a maximum of Rs.3000 (2-way). They would be required to submit original tickets. In case of air travel, reimbursement will be provided only on producing original boarding pass and the cap remains the same as above 9. The Terms and Conditions of participation are subject to change at any time without specific notice. The amended Terms and Conditions of entry will be effective immediately upon being posted on the website. It is the sole responsibility of the teams to regularly visit the Website to read any changes 10. The decisions of the organizers of the contest and the panel of judges will be final and binding on all the participants

APPENDIX: CASE STUDY – “Bisneyland in India”
“Here you leave today, and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy” Cult Bisney Parks and Resorts is the segment of The Cult Bisney Company that conceives, builds, and operates theme parks and holiday resorts, as well as a variety of additional family-oriented leisure enterprises. The first Bisneyland was a single park by Cult Bisney opened to the public on July 18, 1955 in California. Since then more than 600 million people have visited this incredible theme park. In 2001, the site was renamed the Bisneyland Resort with the opening of Bisney's California Adventure Park along with hotels, retail and entertainment districts. Bisneyland, California is designed as a system of different theme parks or “lands” within the larger resort, each featuring its own style. These parks or lands include Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown. On entering any land, a guest is completely immersed in a themed environment and is unable to see or hear any other realm. The idea behind this was to develop theatrical "stages" with seamless passages from one land to the next. Adventure land is a place which has a setup of a Jungle. Critter country is a land where all the tribals stay. The tribal people demonstrate their dances and costumes. Fantasyland recreates scenes from all time favorite fairytales. Mickey’s Toontown is a home to characters such as Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck. Tomorrow land takes visitors to the Galaxy far away. It recreates the Space age. Main Street is a land where Bisney sells collectible items such as jewellery, merchandise etc. The Cult Bisney World Resort opened in Florida on October 1st 1971 with the Magic Kingdom theme park and three resort hotels. Today it is the largest and most- visited vacation resort in the world, with four theme parks, two water parks, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex, 23 resort hotels and eight golf courses. Tokyo Bisney Resort, located in Urayasu, Japan, opened on April 15, 1983. In September 2001, the resort expanded with Tokyo BisneySea. Tokyo Bisney Resort is fully owned and operated by The Oriental Land Company and is licensed by the Cult Bisney Company. The resort was built by Cult Bisney Imagineering. Bisney maintains a degree of control over the resort; the Bisney Japan team communicates with the Oriental Land Company over all aspects of the Resort and also assigns Bisney imagineers to the resort. Bisneyland Paris was Bisney's second resort complex built outside the United States. It opened in April 1992, as the Euro Bisney Resort. Located in the suburbs of Paris, it features two theme parks, a golf course, an entertainment complex and six Bisney resort hotels. Cult Bisney owns 51% of Bisneyland Paris and with more than 215 million visits since it opened in 1992, Bisneyland Paris has grown to become the most visited tourist destination in Europe. Hong Kong Bisneyland Resort, Bisney's fifth resort and its second in Asia, opened on September 12, 2005. The resort is located in Penny's Bay, Hong Kong. Currently, the resort consists of one theme park and two hotels. It is owned and operated by Hong Kong International Theme Parks, an incorporated company jointly owned by The Cult Bisney Company (48%) and the Government of

Hong Kong (52%).The park has a daily capacity of 34,000 visitors - the least out of all Bisneyland parks. It has so far fallen short of its targeted visitor numbers and has been making annual operating losses since opening. The losses narrowed to HK$ 720 million in 2010 from HK$1.3 billion in 2009. The park has been blamed for over-capacity but future expansion of the park in 2014 is expected to bring in additional visitors. In 2009, Bisney received approval from the central government of China to build a Bisney theme park in Shanghai. The theme park is expected to open in 2014. A three member team at Silverstone Consulting, hired by Cult Bisney India, is exploring the option for Cult Bisney to build a Bisneyland in India. If things work out, then Silverstone expects Bisneyland to be opened in India by 2017. The team at Silverstone seeks to pose a few questions to the marketing aficionado:  Estimate the potential market for Bisneyland in India to be opened in 2017  Explore options and suggest with proper reasoning the location where Bisneyland should be opened in India  Clearly outline a marketing strategy for Bisneyland in India?  Determine the segmentation options (in terms of age, income, psychographics etc) available for Bisneyland and define which segment of the Indian population should Bisneyland target?  How should Cult Bisney position Bisneyland in India?  How many and which theme parks or lands as mentioned above should the company initially start with in India so that it attracts the target segment chosen by you?(Choose among Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Holidayland and Adventureland)  Highlight the promotional campaigns and activities that should be used to reach the target audience  What service benchmarks should Bisneyland India set for itself?  What can Cult Bisney do different in its pricing, branding and promotion in India? A BRIEF ABOUT THE INDIAN AMUSEMENT INDUSTRY Currently the industry is worth Rs 5000 crores and according to a recent report of Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries (IAAPI) and E&Y, the amusement industry is expected to reach 10,000 crore by 2020.Year on year growth for the industry in India has been forecasted to be at around 10-15%.With increasing disposable income, more technology savvy consumers, increased assurance on safety standards and increasing inclination towards adventurous recreation, the demand for amusement theme parks has increased. Global leaders in entertainment parks are mulling over investments of billions of dollars in India considering the vast potential in this region. Private equity funds are also aggressively dedicating resources towards this sector. Moreover, there have been speculations about Anil Ambani’s Reliance Big Picture thinking about setting up a $1.5 billion theme park.

According to Mr. Rajesh Shah, an Ex-President of the IAAPI, “An Amusement Park is an active form of entertainment unlike cinemas and circuses. In a nuclear family, when both the parents are working, there is less time for children and parents to bond. Amusement parks provide an opportunity to keep the family bonded for 6 to 8 hours at a stretch, improving the relationships. In all aspects this industry’s role is only to help the community to live a better life. Amusement Parks not only cater to the family but they also increase the community bond.”…...

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