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P1 Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation
The business I have chosen to look at is McDonalds. McDonalds is the largest fast food restaurant in the world.
The company McDonalds uses application forms because, it is easier to apply online rather than use a paper application form. It is better as a computer can categorize each application by what sections are filled in with certain skills which are required for the job. Application in McDonalds the candidate has to go through two stages. The first stage is to do an online questionnaire, answering all the questions that require. The second stage is having an interview.
The job role of this job in McDonalds involves making food in the kitchen, cleaning, and working on the tills.
Person Specification:
A person specification is a description of the qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge and other attributes which a candidate must possess to perform the job duties. On the McDonalds website this can be found under ‘the requirements’ this shows a potential employee what the company is ideally looking for to start working for McDonalds. Also on a person specification it sometimes includes personality of the applicant, as well as contact details for a call about an interview in store. A person who is applying for a job needs this to match themselves and see if it would be an appropriate job for them to undertake.

Job Description:
The definition of a job description, is a written statement that states what the job requires from potential employees.
The job role of this job in McDonalds involves making food in the kitchen. This requires health and safety training and training on how to make the food correctly. This job also involves cleaning, cleaning would require basic training but be expected to be of a good standard for customer satisfaction. The final part in the job is…...

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