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3 August 2015
Fraternities and Sororities: Secret Society
While researching Fraternity I found that Fraternal orders practicing secrecy have been known to exist for thousands of years, as far back as the Egyptian Mystery Schools in 1500 BC before it is a kind of organization that is allied to the Catholic Church. The development of modern fraternal is now stretched out especially on college campuses. It is divided into groups namely: social, service, professional and honorary. It is known in the society as organization that exerts a physical force so as to injure or abuse a person or a group of people associated or formally organized for a common purpose. However many people are still engaged to join fraternities because they think about the advantage that can give them benefits for their own sake, for short for them it is worth it.
Our goal in this paper is to show why many people are being addicted in being a part of this kind of organization even if they know what are the negative issues involved here. To achieve this goal, we’ve arranged our paper into five categories; Theories about the topic where we have the motivation theories and how frat started in the Philippines, Current issue about the topic, Analysis about the issue, Conclusion where we involve all information that we gathered and References.
Group 5-2
Theories About Human Motivation. What is there about human being that continues to make membership in fraternal orders appealing? This is really a question about human motives. Why, indeed, do people join fraternal orders? For the sake argument only, let's propose that men are by nature inclined to socialize, that their intelligence compels them to live in community. Recent evidence tends to confirm that this is so, and furthermore that the source of…...

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