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Journal Review
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Today’s society is faced with violence in the workplace. One of the main things that happens and continues to happen is “Cyber bullying”. Cyber bullying is defined as any type of negative act that happens on a frequent basis, whether it is face to face, via text message, via email, or on the Internet. Also, bullying can come from the manager and/or supervisor, as to where they constantly are bothering you about the workload. There are many forms of bullying that may lead to violence in the workplace: face-to-face, cyber bullying, e bullying, SMS bullying, mobile bullying, digital bullying, and online. Bullying has been found to occur between children and adolescents. Face to face bullying happens because of an imbalance of power, which is when a person has insecure issues about themselves they try to bring other people down as well. When individuals bully it is more then likely because they have had a rough upbringing or they want people to feel the same pain that they are going through. Cyber bullying is when a human being uses computer technology to send derogatory or life threatening messages to an individual. They might also post personal information and make it publicly noticeable so it will embarrass that individual. E-bullying is another that can lead to violence in the workplace, personal information, hatred messages, or threatening messages are sent through emails. Technology has changed where people could record videos and email them to an individual. Researchers did a self-report measure and a behavioral inventory on thirty-five males. This study was to see how many people were being bullied on a regular basis. They didn’t get a good response because a lot of the males felt that they would be less of a man if people knew they were being bullied. They felt the survey…...

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