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(a) What training would you provide to the supervisors who conduct job interviews? Ans Inconsistencies in departmental hiring practices can increase possible legal exposures.. Poor hiring decision and employee selection can result in quick turnover of new employees

Interview process needs to be improved to help make a better hiring decision and employee selection at Jones feed & Seed. The company should look at these training modules for the hiring supervisors.

* How to describe the job and job competency writings * Resume evaluation and shortlisting of applicants

* Techniques of interviewing focused on asking insightful questions that get in- depth answers. * Training on occupation safety and injury control management

* Understanding and complying with federal and state laws governing people management * How to obtain more reliable reference information process. * How to Conduct a job factor analysis to identify position requirements

(b) Ans. The company has a workforce of largely in experience, young and not fully educated individuals. Managing very sensitive chemicals like pesticides & herbicides presents a great challenge to the company. Some concerns in managing the warehouse include:

* Safe management of all chemicals in the warehouse to avoid accidental exposures to staff and possible customers who visit the warehouse to transact business. If not well manage any accident could lead to huge legal battles that can cause the company to pay penalties and damages that can lead to bankruptcy.

* Handling of possible chemical exposures. How to deal with first aid measures should an exposure occur in the warehouse. Can the highly…...

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