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Assignment 2: Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American
BUS 520

It seems like Great Northern American has done a decent job of using learning concepts to improve salesperson performance they have been going at it for 35 years, after all, and are still competitive in the marketplace. It would appear that Joe Salatino has proven techniques that help incentivize people to generate sales for the company. The case mentioned that the company was faced with stiff competition from internet sellers. With the developments in the past decade of telecommuting arrangements, there may be threats from direct competitors that employ cheaper methods of direct selling.
As President of the organization he is responsible to give direction to his employees. He needs to help them to understand the Company's mission and work towards it. Joe could do an analysis of the organizational culture of his own company with them. Anonymously or directly he could ask their employees what is the perception they have about the Company. After that ask what in their opinion may have generated this perception. Mr. Salatino can show how these perceptions ultimately influence the organization both positively and negatively. He could address the differences in the each individual personality, as people have different types of management, motivational issues, training, etc .So he could do an analysis of how perceptions and attributions that employees have on the Company align with it goals. He can show how these perceptions contribute or not to the company achieve its objectives. Then on he could make a connection with the perception that customers have about the company and how the Company can improve this relationship by developing skills that improve the performance of their employees in meet more effectively the needs of its customers. His employees should understand that can…...

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