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Electric utility bills. When an electric utility customer uses electricity, the electric company has earned revenues. It is obviously impossible, however, for the company to read all of its customers' meters on the evening of December 31. How does the electric company know its revenue for a given year? Explain.

According to historical data, the electricity usage usually tended to be fairly constant from month to month. The company can estimate the revenues for each month, by using historical data. Generally high fluctuation will not occur in electricity usage. We can easily estimate the monthly usage by the data of the same month last year. In this situation, if there is any inaccuracy we can adjust its estimation.
Usually, the electricity usage is quite constant over time. Therefore, the company can estimate its revenues based on the data from the last year. If there is any inaccuracy, we can make adjustment in the following month.

Retainer fee. A law firm received a “retainer” of $10,000 on July 1, 2006, from a client. In return, it agreed to furnish general legal advice upon request for one year. In addition, the client would be billed for regular legal services such as representation in litigation. There was no way of knowing how often, or when, the client would request advice, and it was quite possible that no such advice would be requested. How much of the $10,000 should be counted as revenue in 2006? Why?

Only half of the “retainer” should be recognized. This is because, according to the Revenue Recognition Principle, we recognize the revenue when the service is rendered. At the end of the year, only six months of the services have been provided. Even when the client would request advice in a particular month, we still recognize the revenue because our service has always been ready due to our responsibility. In other words, we have been provided…...

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