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Background of the Study
In this machine problem, using theoretical and experimental approach, the group is tasked to further understand projectile motion, a topic in their Dynamics of Rigid Bodies course, by applying its concept to the sport basketball. For the theoretical approach, the group must use any programming language to create a function that would show if a free throw attempt is successful or not. On the other hand, an appropriate set up for the analysis of the topic projectile motion must be prepared for the experimental approach.
For both theoretical and experimental approach, the concept of projectiles is used. Projectile motion is when the force of gravity is the only force acting on an object, which in this case is called a projectile. The motion of a projectile has horizontal and vertical components, the horizontal and vertical displacement (x and y), and the horizontal and vertical component of the velocity (vx and vy for the velocity). These components can be computed using the formulas as shown below. vx=vo cosθ vy=vo sinθ-gt x=vo cosθ t y=vo sinθ t- 12gt2
For the horizontal component, there is no acceleration while for the vertical component; the acceleration is equal to the acceleration of gravity. Wind velocity, air resistance, and the earth’s resistance are neglected in this machine problem.
MATLAB, a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization and programming [1], was used for the theoretical part of the machine problem. All three input arguments, height when ball is released, angle of firing, and initial velocity of the projectile, must be entered simultaneously. After entering the input arguments, the output argument, whether the free throw is a success or not, must be displayed. The different formulas discussed in projectile motion, as shown previously, were used in the program to come…...

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