Jersey Shore Critical Analysis

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Jersey Shore Critical Analysis
I chose to do Jersey Shore for my Critical Analysis, not because it is my favourite show, but there is a lot of stereotype, and scripted events that relate to the younger viewers. This includes the commercials, and some of the things these characters are involved in. This Critical Analysis will break down this Television series, and will discuss what the characters do to create the image they are trying to achieve when airing this show. Will also discuss the ethical implications this series can have on the public, and how we behave because of this.
In terms of gender, this show makes a clear difference in the actions between the men and the women. The men are often in the gym, or getting their haircut together, whereas the women go to the salon together, go to the beach, and there is a clear difference between what they do together. There are now a lot of relationships in the house, and this makes the way each gender acts extremely different. The male is often more dominant in the relationship, and the women seem to be more fragile. This was shown when Jenni was mad at her boyfriend Roger for ignoring her calls, but as soon as she confronted him, he took control of the conversation and immediately put his dominance across. There are many times in the show where they show that the women do have some sort of control or equality in the house, when they often show Mike doing the cooking, and the men cleaning. This could be to show that the women do have some sort of power, and that there is no hierarchy in the house. In terms of sexual references, they put across that the women near the shore are more concerned about having sex, rather than being in a relationship, and settling down. They show the men with many numbers, and many different contacts, and they show the very fragile women just coming over to visit whenever the men want, and…...

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