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Online Marketing Plan for Doe Furniture

Doe Furniture is a new business venture that will be located in State. The business wants to focus on building custom heirloom quality furniture however; there is a current customer base that also knows Doe Furniture for its custom kitchen and kitchen refinishing. The focus of the online presence is building custom furniture without ignoring the current customer base that is previously purchased custom kitchen cabinetry.
Doe Furniture does not currently have a website but it is looking to create one to drive business to its brick and mortar location. Having an online presence for a brick and mortar store would allow Doe Furniture to have an online portfolio to showcase their work, have a place for previous customers to drive referrals, and allow the company to find new customers and interact with current customers.
The initial plan of the website would not be to actually sell furniture because each item is custom made. The customer niche that Doe Furniture is trying to fill is for customers who want high-end quality custom furniture. When working at this caliber a website would be useful to schedule appointments and show previous examples of work, but when it comes to a discussion of what will actually be built a personal consultation is more effective and less confusion about style and detail arises.
The market for higher-end furniture can be tapped into most easily by interior designers and customer referrals. Having an online presence can allow Doe Furniture to connect with local Interior Designers as well as allow customers to easily refer their friends. Doe Furniture can also use its online presence to encourage previous customers to refer their friends or purchase new items by offering discounts on services.
Current Online Competitors
Doe Furniture is looking to grow its local business with…...

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