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“Jaeezra Airways”, Case Analysis Structure
Executive Summary
The airlines industries made a significant impact on the economy after 1970 and were interconnected to other industries. It is a huge capital financed mostly by loans, with high cost that requires development, design and management. The demand for aviation service is increasing strongly in the Middle East, particularly in GCC countries due to oil production, high income, expatriate population and business diversified opportunities beside other factors. To meet the increasing demand for travel, new airlines were established for this purpose such as Wataniya, Jazeera, Air Arabia, and flydubai . The operating performance of the new airlines was affected by political instability in the region which reduced tourism and raised the oil price; in general it affected the airline performance. Fuel is the main key of the airline’s operating expenses, when fuel prices increase it will affect the airlines’ profitability and financial flexibility. Recently, the fuel prices have reached over USD100 per barrel which affected airlines profits.
During the economic crisis, the airlines lowered the flight prices in order to attract passengers which lowered their profitability. Despite the financial crises, airline companies follow certain plans and procedures to recover, depending on the limited means of transportation in GCC region and the continuous travel demand from expat to their origin There are 39 airlines operating in GCC(table no. 1), of which, only 3 are publicly listed, 2 of which are in Kuwait. The airline business in the region is exposed to strong price competition, fuel price fluctuation, and cumbersome government regulation, thus negatively affecting their efficiency.

Type of Ownership
Government 11
Private 23
Public 3
Foreign 2
Total 39 Table (1), source: Zawya
In Kuwait, the demand on airline…...

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