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Starbucks SWOT Analysis 2016

I. VMO/History Name | Starbucks Corporation | Industries Served | Restaurants (Coffeehouses) | Geographic areas served | Worldwide (23,043 coffeehouses in more than 68 countries) | Headquarters | Seattle, Washington, United States | Current CEO | Howard Schultz | Revenue | US$19.163 billion (2015) 16.5% increase over US$16.448 billion (2014) | Profit | US$2.757 billion (2015) 33.3% increase over US$2.068 billion (2014) | Employees | 238,000 (2015) | Main Competitors | Caribou Coffee Company, Costa Coffee, Dunkin Brands Group, Inc., Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, McDonalds Corporation, Nestle S.A, and many other Restaurants and Coffee Houses. |

II. Introduction

The Starbucks Company was founded in Seattle in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Seigel with a vision to educate American consumers about the fine coffee drinking experience. In 1987 Howard Schultz took over the Starbucks Group, he wanted to create the Italian espresso bar experience in America by creating a personal relationship between the customers and their coffee. Just within a couple of years they grew from a small coffee business house to a multi-million dollar player in the industry by buying only the best coffee available and providing the people with an unmatched store experience. As standing, Starbucks is number one in the specialty coffee industry, with more than 12,000 shops in more than 35 countries. The Starbucks mission statement is "To inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. "

Freshly brewed coffee is the main product offered by Starbucks along with other drinks which include cold and hot teas, cakes and pastries. The Starbucks coffee comes in a many varieties each possessing a different taste, aroma and flavor.…...

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...MGT 4800 – Strategic Management Case Study Write Up – Jamba Juice April 8, 2013 Major trends in the general environment Jamba Juice has tried to capture a good portion of health conscious consumers by providing healthy smoothies and other nutritious foods for customers on the go. Even though there are direct competitors such as Planet Smoothie, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread and McDonalds, Jamba Juice remains competitive by offering its unique blend of smoothies. They are made with real fruit and 100% fruit juices that are blended to order. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber. No other competitor comes close to providing such a healthy substitute. In addition, Jamba Juice is trying a new tactic by offering baked goods, oatmeal, wraps, sandwiches and flatbreads in order to attract more customers. To stay on trend with the hot beverage market, Jamba has recently added its hot blends products which include three tea latte flavors, six varieties of tea pouches and classic hot chocolate made with premium natural and organic ingredients. To differentiate itself from traditional fast food competitors, Jamba Juice has positioned its products, made from fresh produce and natural ingredients, as healthy alternatives to conventional fast food fare. Due to the vast options in size, calorie content and relative sweetness, Jamba’s smoothies, baked goods and meals could serve as a light snack, sweet treat, or meal replacement for on-the-go...

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...where they were founded. They manufacture and market three primary categories of goods: consumer health care, medical devices and diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. The company’s brands include Johnson & Johnson, Band Aid, Neutrogena, Splenda, Visine, Listerine and Tylenol. Listerine represents an interesting component since it was a speech by Joseph Lister that inspired Robert Wood Johnson to start his company. The firm is international in scope, operating in 57 countries worldwide and selling in 175 countries. The consumer products businesses and the contact lens business in Medical Devices are marketed to the mass consumer market, as are the products of the pharmaceuticals business. The strengths of the pharmaceutical industry’s SWOT analysis document the internal industry components that are providing value, quality goods and services and overall excellence. The internal industry components can include physical resources, human capital or features the industry can control. For example, the pharmaceutical industry’s strengths could include low operating overhead, firm fiscal management, low staff turnover, high return on investment (ROI), state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and an experienced research staff,...

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...Jamba Juice Case Study 1/3/14 GBA 513 James Albright Patrick Carson Elizabeth Forte Laura Griffin Introduction Founded in April of 1990 by Cal Poly graduate Kirk Perron, Juice Club, Inc. opened its first store in San Luis Obispo, California. In 1993, Juice Club opened and started two other stores, one in southern California and one in northern California. Juice Club Inc, changed its name to Jamba Juice in 1995 and became known as one of the leaders in healthy juices and smoothies. Jamba Juice is now a chain of smoothie restaurants with over 700 stores in the United States. Jamba Juice can be found in shopping malls, airports, colleges, inside other stores, and they have over 500 independent locations. Jamba Juice celebrates life. Their mission statements as well as their values portrays the importance of eating healthy, but enjoying what you eat. Jamba Juice’s mission is to become the world’s leading blender of fruit and other naturally healthy ingredients. The company believes that the passion of living a healthy lifestyle by both the customers and their employees is what has made Jamba Juice, Inc. such a successful company. On the Jamba Juice website, it states that Jamba Juice has one, timeless purpose which is to inspire and simplify healthy living. Jamba Juice hopes that their values are reached through the many different offerings provided. The acronym F.I.B.E.R best sums up these values: * Fun. Have FUN! Enjoy what you do. Live a healthy,......

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...Written Analysis and Evaluation of TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Title Page…………………………………………………………………….page 1 2. Table of Contents……………………………………………………………page 2 3. History and Background……………...…………………………………..pages 3-5 4. Products and Services………………...…………………………………..pages 6-7 5. Financial Summary………………….……………………………………pages 8-9 History and Background Kirk Perron, the founder of Jamba Juice, had a desire of self-business since he was very young. At the age of 16 he started to work at Vons, bagging groceries, and ultimately he became assistant manager at Safeway. This process helped him to gain 10 years of valuable retail experience. At the age of 25, he stop his day job and worked late night stocking groceries and started working out and bicycling during the day. Usually after exercising, he would buy a smoothie, which was healthier than frozen drinks. This eventually put the ideas in his mind to open his own smoothie store. Kirk Perron started to gather his people to help him launch the business. He met his director of research and developer, Joe Vergara, at Safeway store who already was involved in the juice bar business, Kevin Peters who became director of partnership development, and Linda Ozawa the head of marketing. One of the obstacles that Kirk Perron faced at the start of the business was the fact that he could not convince the bank to get loan. Therefore, he had to sell his apartment and borrow money from his mother and his......

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... the Beatles sang, advising: For other uses, see SWOT. SWOT analysis, with its four elements in a 2x2 matrix. SWOT analysis (alternatively SWOT Matrix) is a structured planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. A SWOT analysis can be carried out for a product, place, industry or person. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective. The technique is credited to Albert Humphrey, who led a convention at the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) in the 1960s and 1970s using data from Fortune 500 companies.[1][2] The degree to which the internal environment of the firm matches with the external environment is expressed by the concept of strategic fit. Setting the objective should be done after the SWOT analysis has been performed. This would allow achievable goals or objectives to be set for the organization. * Strengths: characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others * Weaknesses: are characteristics that place the team at a disadvantage relative to others * Opportunities: elements that the project could exploit to its advantage * Threats: elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project Identification of SWOTs is important because they can inform later steps......

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...MAN 4720 Jamba Juice Advertising and marketing often comes down to making your customers intelligent enough to buy your products and services. Costumers have to understand what it is you're selling, how it'll help them, and how much better it is than any other product or solution that they are looking for. Jamba Juice is a leading juice and smoothies retail chain in the country. Started in 1990, originally called The Juice Club, their stores are now open in most states giving their customers an unexpected health experience by offering the best ingredients, remarkable service, and amazing flavors, nutrients and variety. Jamba Juice is a company that follows and belives on living a balanced lifestyle that integrates nutrition, fitness and fun. Its passion for health and uncompromising commitment to quality are the keys to its customers' fulfillment and consequently to its success. Jamba Juice is known for their fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable juice blends that are made on the spot with no additives such as sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors. The company's main goal is to augment the daily experience of its customers, its community, and its team members through the life-nourishing qualities of fruits and vegetables. The main marketing issues for Jamba or any other company are social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory when compared with a environmental scan of the United States of America. If a Juice Club were to be open near our Edison......

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...Problem Statement and Criteria Jamba Juice PROBLEM STATEMENT In the past, Jamba Juice Company had a primary growth strategy of increasing brand awareness through accelerated franchise development and penetration of existing markets. However, due to increased market saturation, Jamba Juice has had a difficult time competing with other premium quality blended-to-order fruit smoothies, squeezed-to-order juices, blended beverages, and healthy snack companies. From 2008 to 2010 Jamba Juice experienced a negative difference in total revenue of over $80,000. In addition, from 2007 to 2010, Jamba Juice had fallen off the list of one of the Top 50 Quick-Service and Fast-Casual Chains, to 57th in its market segment. This is directly related to a lack of promotions, lack of customer retention, and lack of seasonally appropriate menu items during the cooler seasons. As market penetration continues, solid growth strategies will be extremely important to remain competitive in the market. CRITERIA Criteria 1: Increase the percentage of sales during the cold season by 5% over a 3-year period. Criteria 2: A 5% improvement in customer retention rates over a 3-year period. Criteria 3: Increase market share by 2% over the next 3 years. ALTERNATIVES Alternative A: Develop a product that is desirable to consumers during the cold season. Alternative B: Enhance the customer loyalty program, offering more incentives to return. Alternative C: Create and......

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...Marketing Instructor: Dr.Trenessa Williams October 3rd, 2015 Jamba Juice Case Study The survival of any organization is made and habituated by the atmosphere attributable to perceptions, resources, issues, and probabilities. Attributable to the ever dynamical atmosphere it's essential for any business to look at the relevant changes of the environment and devise strategies to adjust to variations. For a corporation to succeed, a corporation must conquer the trials of the constant shifting atmosphere. In rapidly changing environments, one rule of thumb applies: If you don't adapt, you don't endure. That's the core idea behind environmental scanning. It is defined as the means by which organizations gather information on changing conditions and incorporate those observations into a process where necessary changes are made. (Dalton, 2011). Conducting an environmental scan for the following corporations Jamba Juice can supply a background to extend possibilities and distribute the resources in expectation of the changes within the environment. Begun in 1990, referred to as The Juice Club, their stores area unit presently open in many nations providing therefore their shoppers with a shocking eudaemonia background of the simplest ingredients, significant aministration, and astounding flavors, supplements and mixtures. Jamba Juice is a company that has supplementary belives on carrying on with an adjusted method of life that...

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...SWOT Analysis Toni Dominguez BUS/210 August 10, 2014 Melanie Wright SWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis is used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a business. Hill  (n.d.) " SWOT analysis is a process where the management team identifies the internal and external factors that will affect the company’s future performance" (para. 1). A SWOT analysis is typically used at the beginning stages of the business, after a business plan has been completed, to determine any potential risks or assets. However, an analysis can be completed anytime a change is made internally or externally that can impact the business and is recommended for review of your business every 6 months (Shouldis, 2012).. The Java Culture coffee has completed their business plan for a new coffee shop in a prime location near University of Oregon. They are looking to provide a comfortable and relaxing shop for customers to enjoy coffee with friends while providing excellent customer service. The owners have secured their financing, determined their budget for employees and the day to day needs of the business, lease, and forecasted sales based off the market for the first year. Now the owners will need to complete a SWOT analysis to determine any unseen risks or assets to their business that might be impacting to their success. A SWOT analysis will start with the strengths in the business. In reviewing the business plan for the Java Culture coffee shop they have......

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...How a SWOT analysis can help companies maximize their marketing strategies in a global context 1 By Chris Hopkins Introduction Business today relies on the ability of a company to grow. With the product saturation in today’s market, businesses are looking to expand globally in an effort to expand their business and continue making a profit. This paper will look at how a SWOT analysis can help companies maximize their marketing strategies in a global context. Section 2 The way that businesses have looked at marketing has changed with introduction of social media and the internet. Customers can readily compare on line different products and shop for the best bargain all in the comfort of their home. As the economy weakened, businesses have looked at expanding globally to make up for the loss of profit. International marketing managers are faced with the challenge of how to cope with the new scope of operations and if they can apply what works domestically with also work in a foreign environment. (Wind, Yoram; Douglas, Susan P.; Perlmutter, Howard V (1973)) Companies looking at expanding into the global market must look at the country they wish to expand into. They must have total understanding of the country’s government, legal and trade regulations, exchange rates, and the culture of the various consumers they are trying to reach. First the company has to define its......

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...Advantages and disadvantages of using SWOT analysis to develop corporate strategy. Discuss using examples related to at least two companies. Introduction SWOT analysis SWOT analysis can also be called as SLOT analysis which is a strategic planning or direction for making decision based on available resources to determine valuate the Strength, Weaknesses/limitations, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a small business (business venture). It mentions the objective of business or a collaborative  enterprise project and recognizes the internal, external factors which come in the achieving of objective. This method of analysis is prepared by an American businessman and a management consultant named Albert S Humphrey (Stanford University in the 1960s and 1970s). An objective of a project or a business venture should be only started after the SWOT analysis has been carried out. It would be easy for the organization to achieve its targets/objective. With the help of SWOT analysis decision makers are able to ascertain after a calculation that whether the objective they are planning is capable of been done or not. If not they must choose the distinct objective and the process is done over again. (Source : http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://swotanalysistemplate.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Slide5.jpg&imgrefurl=http://swotanalysistemplate.com/&h=302&w=604&sz=36&tbnid=ntJM-sR_xbjS7M:&tbnh=61&tbnw=121&prev=/sea...

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...JAMBA JUICE Jamba Juice Introduction Jamba Juice Company is a company that was originally under the name Juice Club. The company began its operation using a franchising strategy. The company, which began its operations in 1990, transformed to Jamba Juice Company in 1994, following the emergence of other companies that provided similar products. Jamba Juice Company focuses on the provision of healthy juice and smoothies. Expansion strategies led to the merging of Jamba Juice Company with Zuka Juice Inc. Since then, the company’s operations grow on a daily basis. Several strategies focus on the analysis of the business environment, and the influence that these have in the operation of the company. The company also focuses on a rich culture and experienced personnel to boost its success in the market (Jamba Juice Company, 2010). Development of the Culture of the Company The company had to develop a unique cultural disposition to achieve maximum success and differentiate the company from similar service companies. Culture development assists in increasing employee passion and customer preference of the company’s products. One culture developed by the company was focusing on recruiting an experienced and innovative team of leaders. Most of the managers had at least 15 years of experience in business operation. The company also developed a culture of high store capability. The managers were to aim at staffing the company with trained......

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