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It Is Better to Study Locally Than to Study Oversea

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First, it is undeniable facts that study aboard require additional cost with the same education one will get. Accommodation and food is denominated in a currency that’s probably higher than ours. In addition, students cannot avoid the high transportation expenditures if study aboard. For example, as the further the country from our country, the higher the price of the flight ticket is. The prices of flight will even higher if students buy on peak season or in zero hour in case of emergency. Furthermore, study locally generally government will subsidy part of the tuition fees, hence the expenses in lower. When students study aboard, they will become foreigner and so there are no subsidies on tuition fee. Mostly extra charge will even apply on foreigners. As a result, higher expenditure is needed.

Secondly, students feel more comfortable in their own motherland, as they already get use the local environment, culture as well as native language. Besides, study locally enable students to focus better on their studies since various problems such as communication problems and cultural different have been excluded. Moreover, study aboard students need to get use a whole new environment. The feeling of being alone and away from home badly affects their concentration on studies. Some of them even give up their studies because fail to adapt themselves in a new environment.

Thirdly, it is difficult for international students to get used to the culture. Study in overseas; they will experience many culture shocks. Besides, they will feel different and uncomfortable living in different countries. Sometimes these students are even discriminated because of different races and ethnic groups. In addition, students usually stand in their comfort zone. Therefore they tend to be with people who have the same culture. If they have some problems or questions, we often ask people…...

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