Issues at Kudler Fine Foods

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Issues at Kudler Fine Foods
Issues and problems exist in every workplace. According to, on a corporate level, “(an issue is something that can be handled behind closed doors, impacting no one but the people of highest authority in the situation)” (Difference Between Issue and Problem, para. 4). On the other hand, a problem “(involves information that must be released, because there will be cause to involve employees, or citizens, in the solution to the problem)” (Difference Between Issue and Problem, para. 4). It is imperative to understand the difference between the two because issues need to be identified and resolved before they develop into problems.
Two issues at Kudler Fine Foods stand out to me the most. First, Kathy, the owner, tries to take on too much responsibility at the stores. She is in charge of inventory, hiring, firing, financials, marketing, etc. Not only is it very difficult for her to keep up with everything in each of her three stores, she is putting herself in the position to be exhausted, and even worse, there is the possibility of getting herself sick. Unfortunately, she cannot afford to fall ill because there is no one else to step up and take over. Although she pays for these “specialty” employees, she has not trained anyone for the tasks she currently handles (University of Phoenix, 2003, p. 5). She needs to have a backup or contingency plan in place because not everything always goes as planned. If the day comes that she expands outside of California, she will not be able to be everywhere on a weekly basis; her time to spend in each of the stores has already been cut short. She will not be able to have a hand in every single thing that goes on in the future. Furthermore, her slogans for each department focus on customer service, and she herself rates it the highest priority, but she does not have time to see it…...

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